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Hi Folks


I have some items for sale ,

Two bachmann 141/ factory weathered { dcc chips fitted } both as new with less than ten mins running time on them { boxed }

One bachmann plasser track machine { motorised } new in box

One Murphys mk11 intercity restraunt coach { factory weathered }

do not want to split them ,

asking 300 for the lot



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Hi John,

I know you said you were not splitting but if you want to give an individual price on one of the 181s?, I might be able to get the funds to take one. Sorry but would not be in a position to take them as a lot.



HI Tommy

sorry tommy i dont want to split any of it

it would drive me nuts to see some of it left

would rather get rid of it all in one go



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If I may be so bold John.....

I would advise you to sell your items seperately.

Been bying and selling model railway bits for more years than I care to remember

I have never sold 2 190's in the same lot

The tamper is a hard sell, its HO gauge and always looks a little out of scale

The coach being weathered will put some people off so I think you should try to sell them seperately

Ad has been posted for around 10 weeks now and they are still unsold, speaks for itself really!

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You'll also stand to potentially make more selling them individually than as a job lot John. I'd agree with Dave that you should think about it, but it's your call at the end of the day.

hi lads

sorry for the delay in replying to all

have been overseas working

to be honest i think i will keep them and remove the add

winter is coming and i might just get around to setting up the layout again



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