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D.S.E.R. Rathdrum

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Got out today for a spin and took a few pics of Rathdrum station and thought they may be of interest to some members out there. A small rural station and now automated. I don't know if the loop is used regularly in the present timetable. The impressive viaduct over the Avonmore river lies just inside the Wicklow section and below it is a field known as 'The Bottoms' where large GAA facilities existed in the late 19th and early 20th C. The games played there usually generated considerable business for the railway. To the south end of the station 'the wood siding' can be seen trailing off, now much shorter since the introduction of the CTC on this route. Beside the closed signal box is the former 'Railway Hotel,' now in a sorry state of repair. At one time there was a busy goods yard in Rathdrum Station and one of the sheds is now used by a local business. Rathdrum is an example of a quaint, rural station located in one of the most scenic sections on the network.














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Interesting example of a crossing station squeezed into a tight space between a viaduct and a tunnel. The main line at the South end of the station is set for the siding to provide a margin of safety if a train over-runs the Down starting signal to Arklow at danger. The arrangement at the Northern end of the station is more common with greater stopping distance (overlap) between the Up starter and the beginning of the single line section to Wicklow.


The goods yard closed about 50 year ago, the site became a sawmill. Apart from conversion from semaphore signalling to colour light and jointed bullhead track to CWR the station has changed little visually in the last 30-40 years.


Miss those lattice post signals and loco hauled trains though.

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