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Czech Railways.

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Did you go to Hlavni Nadrazi? I was only there for 5 days but I was happy to see the Prague to Moscow train :)


I did, but there was a lot of work going on there at the time, and most of my trains went from Masarykovo, as I stay in Bechovice. There seemed to be no restrictions on where you could go - there were some Japanese spotters there and they were nearly under the wheels!!..

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Wow I must have missed that! (to quote Chris Kamara) I was there about 5 years ago. The best display I've ever been to was the LOXX in Berlin although I've heard the misunderstanding in Hamburg is even better!
It would have been just starting then. The entrance isn't very obvious, let me know if you're going again. It's very like the Miniatur Wunderland, all automated stuff with night-time every quarter of an hour...
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Sorry I meant to say miniaturwunderland but the computer corrected me to misunderstanding! I've never been there but I imagine it would be very like Berlin except bigger. I'd love to see that in Prague though...
The Prague one is good, it's in the basement of a supermarket and I haven't been for a couple of years, but it was good enough then. There's YouTube videos and a Facebook page, if you like.


Strangely enough, I understood your misunderstanding.


Tell your mother that you want to go for a weekend in Hamburg!!

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Actually, I must see the Fry Model Railway when it gets put up again... I was looking at some footage on youtube and the 201s don't look like the lima ones. Are they scratchbuilt? Is it good?
It's a bit of a bigger scale, not sure if it's actually O Gauge, but it's something like that, I understand and so I presume that it's at least largely scratch-built..
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I've been on a few Czech trains. Their range is quite vast.


Their diesel engines are really cool. I would like to think that they will retain diesel for a time to come as they have much heavier passenger and freight flows than us. However, they are upgrading much of their stock. I was on a small local line and they had bright yellow DMU's! It was a quite a (yellow) sight pulling into this sleepy Czech village station (resplendent with hanging baskets and female station master!).


They continue to provide services to the public on lines that would have been closed years ago if it were here. Its quite admirable.


Their carriages are often the best thing. They are like the ones you see in the old black and white British film, harking back to the compartment days, with the aisle on the outside!


The newer 'CityElefant' trains are very comfortable and quite fast also.


Do you just have an interest in Czech trains or would Slovakian trains interest you also, since much of its locomotives and rolling stock would be comparable to the Czechs? Although they haven't been as upgraded as much. Other than the Vienna line naturally, which is normally serviced by an OBB train. However, I do very much like the trains in Slovakia.

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