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Current Retail Price on 141/181's

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Anyone know what one would be expected to pay for brand new 141/181's?

Looking to add to the collection and just wondering would they be up there with the 201's on price terms or would they be decreasing.

Any info appreciated:-bd


WSOTT <-------Shortened name :banana:


I have seen them in Mark's Models for 135 euro.


My advice is to give Dave Bracken a PM. (WRENNEIRE is his username here).

He'll look after you...

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141/181's hold their value pretty much, especially IR and IE liveries as they're harder to find for the most part. As mentioned above, talk to Dave Bracken. He's a collector and he can get you any 141/181 you want most likely. He'll give you a fair price, sound guy. Even if you just want to know the current market value he'll put you straight.

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