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  1. I think the greys will sell very well. The good thing about them is that they can be operated nose leading which will add a whole new dimension to anyone's layout.
  2. There has been a lot of heavy rain in China over the last two months and it has caused lots of serious flooding so I'm not surprised that there's a delay with the delivery of the 121s. At the moment I'm thinking about those poor people who've lost everything so I'm more than happy to wait another few months for their [121s] arrival.
  3. I think that all model locomotives should come with a sound chip fitted, It'd save all the bother of trying to figure out which chip to buy.
  4. No point in doing re-runs of locomotive models which were first produced over 10 years ago. By today's standards they are classed as vintage and their technology is out-dated. There's plenty to look forward to with the forthcoming releases of the highly anticipated 121 and A Class locomotives.
  5. I have to agree with the guys about the MM 141/181s, they have great running qualities and nothing since has matched them. As regarding a re-run, the only locomotive that seems viable is the 201 which has had a number of logo and livery updates since they were last produced. In reality, we need to be looking at getting something that's current rather than producing re-runs of prototypes which haven't operated on the rail network in over 10 years.
  6. Are there no model railway producers who manufacture their models in Europe? Is everything made in the Far East?
  7. @burnthebox. I think you should have posted the picture of your new Class 071 in the "Where to get a bargain" thread. It is totally unrelated to the current subject matter which is about another one of IRM's brilliant productions.
  8. If the guys at IRM could make vaccines, they'd be the best vaccines in the world, probably!
  9. If anyone's not happy with the IRM A Class I have a Lima class 33 in the CIE supertrain livery.
  10. Hi ICE.de. It's hard to know what continental models are selling for. As suggested, you could list the items on here together with how much you want to see what response you get. Retailers, such as Rails of Sheffield, will buy your whole collection but, as they have to sell them on at a profit I'm not sure how good of a price you'll get. The other way to sell them is on an auction website, such as Ebay, and in lots as some of the items maybe sought after and someone might buy a lot just to get the one item they want. There's a website called 'jagermodelspoor.nl' who sell second hand models and should give you a good idea of what price you should be looking for.
  11. @Wrenneire. Thanks for the update. This thread had become somewhat derailed. Glad to hear about the PCB, I knew that it'd be a bit of problem trying to fit something into so little space and being able to see through the grill is what give the 121 it's character - it's what I remember most about the original prototype.
  12. @Noel. Great work. Never thought about modelling the 50s/60s era but you're right about the variety of stock during that time and, with the Classes A & 141 due this year, it's likely that more people might get into modelling that era. It's also ideal for people who only have space for a small layout.
  13. I think the room would have to be completely dark.
  14. I wonder if the IRM version of the Crossley engined A Class will be prototypically as unreliable - it would add a bit of realism to any layout.
  15. Very interesting pictures of two A Classes operating as a double header. I didn't think that they were designed to operate in multiple either with it's own class or others. I recall many moons ago seeing an A Class and 121 Class coupled together in my local freight yard heading a fertilizer train. At the time I thought that the A Class locomotive had failed and that the 121 Class was on a recovery mission.
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