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  1. That's it guys, I'm no longer interested in railway modelling.
  2. The good thing is that there'll be a chasis available in a few weeks for that Silverfox A.
  3. @jhb171achill - Very useful photographs. The one thing they highlight is the lack of RTR models to go with the early liveried CIE locomotives. The variety of coaching stock in trains from that era would surely make for very interesting layouts for modellers.
  4. That's a great detailed photograph of the 2660. They certainly have more character than the 29000.
  5. Not a nice job at all, they look more dirty than weathered. Seems like a waste of two good model locomotives to me.
  6. Well guys. I'm quite tempted to but, if I ask if there are any updates regarding the As I might offend someone.
  7. Think I'll wait for the guys at IRM to produce a model of the ICR prototype. Thought most of you guys would have had enough of BR resprays passing off as Irish rolling stock!
  8. Wouldn't that be great - a 1 day long special of the unboxing of the A Class? Not really into sarcasm but I get the feeling that many of you guys would fast forward past the first 23 hours and 45 minutes of the show just to avoid the review about the box.
  9. Hi Garfield. Is it possible to place a tracking device on the containers containing the As when they leave the factory in China so we can trace their progress to your warehouse? It'll give me something to do for the long weekend.
  10. I didn't think there ever could be a boring television programme about railways................ie. 'til now.
  11. That's an unusual sight seeing two As operating a double headed train. An interesting mix of coaches in toe. Thanks for the pic.
  12. @BosKonay, I have to agree - the likelihood of a brand new 141/181 could be a bit away but worth it. The downside to that is the current versions will be on eBay are rediculously high prices because the demand is growing but not in the numbers to justify a manufacturer producing a brand new line of those locomotives. At the moment there is demand for wagons to run with the early liveried 121s and As and there will be people looking for models of the B101 and C class also. It's hard to believe we're having this conversation because it's not to long ago the top of the range model of an Irish loc
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