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  1. Looks like they won't even get a slap on the wrist. I don't think that people outside the railway modelling world understand the time and dedication that goes into making model railway layouts. While a lot of people have made cash donations, currently standing at £85K, the one thing they can't buy with that is the time and effort it took to make the exhibits. Years ago you'd be sent to gaol for stealing an apple (yes, I do remember those days) but nowadays, unless you murder someone, law enforcement agencies just seem disinterested in pursuing vandalism and other matters which 'they' no longer consider serious.
  2. Hi Guys, Click on link to read the latest regarding the destruction of the Market Deeping model railway exhibits https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7059229/Mother-teenage-yob-smashed-model-railway-exhibition-says-mortified.html
  3. The one consolation that Liverpool have is that Solskjaer is doing a Graeme Souness on Man United.
  4. Great picture of the 121 [B125] above. Seeing some unexpected details - didn't think there were vents in the cab doors. Were the 121s the only locomotives which had the tablet catchers placed too low?
  5. At €4.50 it has become a luxury to have tea and a Kitkat on the train, mind, it's still a lot cheaper than afternoon tea in the Shelbourne. I really like the 22Ks, they're very comfortable and noise intrusion into the cabin isn't anything like that of 29Ks, however, as the rail service operates at a snails pace on the Sligo line I use the bus which is faster - something I just don't understand.
  6. Will there be a house warming party?
  7. I've used the following: Michas Banhoff (toyauctions.de) and Ben Zerba (Czech Rep.). Shipment from purchase to delivery was within 4-5 days.
  8. I have to agree with you [Warbonnet]. Producing a blank loco with separate transfers would raise a number of issues - one being undervaluing it should someone want to sell it on at a later stage. Unlike marriages, model locomotives aren't for life.
  9. Though unfinished, I was really impressed with the O Gauge layout. It was my first time to see an O Gauge layout and I was really impressed. The IRM Accurascale stand was very impressive and professional. The lads really have taken their' work/hobby very seriously and the announcement of the A Class really added to the atmosphere. While there may not have been the amount of layouts the people would expect for the premier model railway exhibition in Ireland I feel that there was something there for everyone. Well done to everyone involved.
  10. The Class 121 had so many cosmetic changes I doubt that by the Irish Rail era any two locomotives looked the same. I think that production of the 121 model will be a herculean task.
  11. The MRSI show is the highlight of my year. It's great to have something to do on a long weekend in Dublin. I try to get there early to avoid the crowds as it's the best way to view the exhibits but, everyone else seems to have the same idea. Pity there isn't a canteen as it'd be nice to sit down with a nice mug of tea and a few biscuits. I normally treat myself to a break and have a vegetarian roll (a cigarette [there's no meat in them so they must be suitable to for vegetarians]). Roll on Saturday!
  12. Very interesting topic Railer. Wasn't sure what was happening to the 'surplus' 201 locomotives. So sad to see that a number of them had such an early demise with less than 23 years service - in human terms, that's like being put on the scrap heap at 50.
  13. I think that Lord Adonis has a point. You would expect a much better service between major cities but I feel that the governments are more interested investing in roads than rail. I feel that the Mark IIs and IIIs were far better coaches as compared with the current locomotive hauled stock. I gave up using the train from Dublin to Longford, the bus is cheaper and just as quick and, at times, arrives in Longford before the train. I like the 22K railcars, I think they're great, roomy and comfortable, the best buy in years by CIE/IÉ. The noisiest thing about them are other passengers.
  14. Hi guys, Just discovered this post today and, despite my age, wasn't aware that diesel railcars had been so widely used prior to the arrival of the 22Ks. This has been a very informative thread and I enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work guys. Gerard
  15. Hi Railer, I remember the latter days of locomotive hauled trains on the Sligo line. The former 1st class coaches had been converted to standard class. If my memory serves me correctly some of the composite coaches were first/standard class, again, all converted to standard class. I recall there being two restaurant coaches running in a set - largely due to the lack of availability of passenger stock. Regards, ConnollyStn
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