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  1. Thanks Warbonnet, despite looking at hundreds of photographs of them I never noticed. Hadn't seen the locomotive (first image of the A55) from that viewpoint before. It's amazing what you can learn when you look at a model of a prototype. The differences between the 141s & 181s weren't obvious to me until I got the models.
  2. ...being curved - following the contours of the cab ends. Have never been up close and personal to the pre-EMD converted As so it's news to me if the windscreens in the original prototypes were flat.
  3. Don't want you guys to think that I've been spending my whole day scutinising the pictures of the As but the windscreens look like they're flat, either that or I need glasses (of wine preferably).
  4. Fantastic stuff. Surprisingly, the As look really well in this livery. Can't see these guys hanging 'round too long.
  5. Poor NIRCLASS80 - I'm afraid you'll have to be very patient. It's taken them almost two weeks just to show the first three liveries. Think I'll be in my grave by the time they've uploaded the photos of the IR liveried As.
  6. Ah! With all this chat about colour schemes and which is the right shade of black etc., it's beginning to sound like an art class rather than a discussion about the A class. Right guys [IRM] - next photos please.
  7. Anyone purchasing the Crossley engined As will have something to pull behind them. You can have one hauling the broken down other.
  8. The Hatton's Genesisses look really good with lots of detail. They've certainly raised the bar when it comes to producing pre-1960s passenger coaches [subliminal message]
  9. Is that the right shade of Dark Green? Looks more black than it does green.
  10. Think what's accelerating the sales is the posting of updated photos of the models on this thread.
  11. I wonder which version of the A class that one of the guys at IRM will be posting pictures of today [Tuesday 06 July 2021]?
  12. You seem to get a lot of nice packages, what's in this one?
  13. Is that Ringsend Bus Depot?
  14. That's why I turned out pretty normal.
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