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  1. Don't recall seeing a picture of the B101 in the silver livery. Probably one of the most detailed photographs I've seen of this locomotive. Wonder if the guys at IRM have this in their' sights. Thanks again Ernie so uploading those photographs.
  2. The one thing I like about modelling push-pull trains is that I can change the direction without having to run around the engine. The Mark III DVTs would be a great addition to any layout.
  3. If Murphy Models are going to be releasing Mark III coaches there will be a demand for the 201(new) locomotives in the original liveried IE versions.
  4. It's brilliant news altogether, however, I did sense a bit of a "Whinge" from someone in this thread. Today is National Positive Mental Attitude day.
  5. That's brilliant news. Glad to see that there will be an up-to-date version of the most important model of an Irish prototypical locomotive. I was wondering if this would ever happen.
  6. Think this thread should be moved to the "Letting Off Steam" forum.
  7. Hi Noel. The most important model was the Murphy Models [Lima] 201(new). In terms of prototypical locomotives the A Class is the most important model. There were so many A class locomotives about that they turned up everywhere - even in places that didn't have railway tracks.
  8. Very quiet on this thread, what's the latest update on the release of the most important model ever for the Irish railway modeller?
  9. Some model railway shops will buy part or whole collections. I know that Rails of Sheffield buy second hand items and, I've seen some places on mainland Europe advertising the same also. No point in holding onto stock that you're not going to use. When I've sold items in the past I've done so on the basis that they are of no modelling value to me and was better off selling them. Some of your HAG Re 460s maybe more valuable than others - depending on which advertisement they carry. It'd be worth checking out eBay to see what the going rate for second hand HAG items are going for so you have som
  10. There's just something about the quality of those locomotives [HAG Re 460s] you can't beat. I keep looking at them and saying that someday I'll rid myself of them but can't bring myself 'round to doing so. Maybe I'll keep them and just get a few wagons to run behind them. There's just no way that I'd recoup anywhere near what I paid for them. Mind, when I bought them at the time they were for keeps and I never buy anything thinking what their value will be in years to come, otherwise, they'd been left in the boxes untouched.
  11. We mustn't forget the Murphy Models 'Lima' 201 - that's what really started it all. While it's not comparable in terms of his later models it is the first model of an actual Irish locomotive prototype. We've been a bit spoilt since but there was a lot of excitement back then and many of us at the time couldn't believe our eyes when we actually saw the model. No longer had we to imagine that the supertrain liveried BR Class 33 was meant to be an 'A' or 'C' (take your pick), the Lima 201 was the real deal. When I look at my Murphy Models 121s and how detailed they are I wonder did we ask for too
  12. That's most likely the train for Sligo. All the crap was used on that line.
  13. Of course they're awesome models, they were made by IRM. Those guys won't let you down. I'd take a bow but I've got a dodgy back.
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