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  1. I bought the weathered MM 141s but they're nothing compared to the weathering that some modellers do. From my point of view, weathering can enhance some of the fine detail and gives the model a lot more realism. When I buy a model I expect that it's for keeps and don't have any consideration for it's future value. If you're buying models simply to keep pristine and in a box then they're just ornaments. Think of railway modelling as if it's a sport - if you buy clothes/equipment you have to use them, otherwise, you can't participate.
  2. Ah! Just the way I remember the A Class - hauling Craven Coaches and Fertilizer wagons. Brings me back to my youth (which was an extremely long time ago). Very impressive model on a just as impressive layout.
  3. Wrenneire That looks like a great bargain! You won't get much for £200 these days. That only equates to 41.5 pints (Dublin)/51.5 pints (country)
  4. Looking forward to the O Gauge layout - it was my favourite last year. I was really impressed with the models on display and had a good chat with one of the guys who was very informative. Wonder if there'd be enough of a demand for Irish RTR models in O gauge? Gerard
  5. Hi Peter, The South Dublin Model Railway Club will be hosting this years exhibition in Blackrock College - Booterstown DART station is only a short distance away. Details are on the SDMRC website. Regards, Gerard
  6. I think that the A Class is the right way to go. It was the most numerous locomotive on the network (CIE/IR) and a lot of people will remember them. It will also help those of us who had to suffer the indemnity of operating LIMA [BR] class 33s and mark I coaches to get those dark days out of our collective memories. I don't want to mention the Hymeks, they were worse.
  7. DJ Dangerous, I was thinking the same thing. I expected loads of reviews from people who would have seen the model at first hand but, to my disappointment, not a word. I was going to head to Mark's Models to view the 121 but it's quite cramped in there so I was waiting for the real experts' opinions.
  8. [The] Derry Road, thanks for posting those pictures and videos. It's nice to see what's happening at other exhibitions, especially, for those of us who are adverse to travelling to anything that is held outside The Pale. Looking forward to the SDMRC Exhibition in two months (how far is Blackrock from the City centre?)
  9. Enjoyed filling out the survey. Hope my wish(list) comes through.
  10. Considering the amount of damage they done and the distress caused to the modellers the sentences are quite lenient.
  11. The bees' knees, the dogs' ********. There aren't enough superlatives to describe it. Looks like it will be the best ready to run model of an Irish locomotive prototype ever!
  12. Hi Branno, There is lots of information on the thread 'LIMA Murphy Models' which has pictures of all the ready to run models produced since the 1970s and you should see the wagons which were available with the Flying Snail logo. The logo was adopted from the DUTC after nationalisation of rail and bus services in Ireland (I'm open to correction).
  13. Thought I had been barred from this site 'cos of a number of comments I've posted in the past!
  14. Looks like a very impressive layout, would love to visit. From what I can see it looks comparable, albeit smaller, to what I saw at LOXX in Berlin. Great work.
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