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  1. The buffers are separately applied (I think).
  2. The one good thing about my Lima 'A' class is that you can drop kick it from here to eternity and none of the separately applied parts will fall off.
  3. I think Sam will be delighted that each of the locomotives come with a 'Very good box'
  4. @wrenneire - Thanks very much for those Fleischmann container wagons - really delighted with my purchases. They've saved a few of my locomotives from being culled. If you ever come across similar or other Fleischmann items which you think might be of interest to me just let me know. Thanks again.
  5. Don't forget to add postage and customs duty.
  6. Ah guys! I was looking forward to looking at this thread and all I see is a re-jig of an old model. Just not good enough.
  7. @Garfield - If you'd posted that link 24 hours ago it would have answered a lot of questions. Think this thread will be a lot quieter now. Anyway, back to the As' thread for me.
  8. @wrenneire - thanks for posting the list. Have sent you a private message regarding some of the container wagons. The later models of the 40' container bogie wagons [DB AG era] are hard to come by - think it's been over ten years since Fleischmann last produced them.
  9. At the rate the IRM As are selling Wrenneire will soon have a buyer for his Q-Kits version.
  10. Hi Wrenneire, I'm culling my Fleischmann collection but, don't want to rid myself of all of it as it's nice to switch from Irish models to German [DB AG] stock. I am low on container wagons, P&O, DHL, ECS, K-Line, Norasia, NOL and one or two others - these are a mix of two axle and bogie wagons. If you have a list of your Fleischmann stock there might be other bits that I'd be interested in. I think that selling anything other than Irish models on here would be hard as a lot of people might think this site is solely for people who model Irish rather than Irish people who are railway m
  11. It's disappointing to see that Rails used a top class locomotive to promote low quality weathering. It's a bit pricey for what they're offering - maybe it might have something to do with getting Sam to unbox them, especially, if they're paying him by the hour.
  12. Thanks for the pics guys, I was beginning to suffer from 'IRM A Class up-date withdrawal symptoms'.
  13. Any guesses which locomotive IRM will be producing next?
  14. I think the recesses give the locomotive a bit of character. I've seen a lot of photographs of the 101s and, until mentioned today, didn't know what the recesses were for. All the same, the B101 is a little beaut. B109 looks really nice in that livery.
  15. connollystn


    @Moxy - Thanks for the link to that website, lots of very interesting photographs and worth a look. I've noticed in recent years that more and more industrial traction units are been modeled. Regarding the Alcos in Wales, they were the first U.S. built diesel locomotives to arrive on these islands - the 121s were the first EMD [U.S.] locomotives built for export (I'm open to correction on that). Yeoman Class 59s of the late eighties were the precursor for the Class 66 - while the 201(new) bares a family resemblance to the 59s and 66s I think that's where any similarities end. The class 77s bei
  16. I'm fed up waiting for the IRM As to arrive. Think I'll get myself a few Accurascale 37s instead.
  17. The 007s shouldn't feel too bad, it's a lot more popular than this years UK's Eurovision entry.
  18. Ah jhb171achill! No need to do that, you should post your next lot of pics here as we've run out of suggestions about what to run with our IRM A classes. Anyway, I'm sure that what ever ran behind the As in the early years operated behind the 101s and the Cs also so, technically, you won't be going off topic (something that's unusual for this forum).
  19. connollystn


    I think that RENFE [Spain] had a variant of the 071, full body also but, it was rebuilt and externally looks nothing like it did when delivered originally.
  20. @jhb171achill- Great photographs of the 101s - haven't seen images of these locomotive with this quality and clarity. Anyway, don't be jumping the gun, there's nothing RTR to operate with the early As and so, before we start talking about the 101s, we need a few Park Royals and the like before then. Having seen the IRM As in green I'm certainly considering looking at the early CIE diesels - the advantage being the rolling stock is shorter and you can fit more on a layout.
  21. That's it guys, I'm no longer interested in railway modelling.
  22. The good thing is that there'll be a chasis available in a few weeks for that Silverfox A.
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