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Goldeneye Train

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To me this is fantastic news, although 3D printing isn't quite perfect yet this is very promising for the future, take a look http://www.steamtrainsireland.com/news/ the RPSI are taking scans of 10 vehicles and using it for their museum but also as stated "This project can also be seen as a pilot for making the entire RPSI collection accessible digitally. These assets may also have the potential to generate income for the RPSI through generating small scale models for sale, virtual objects or perhaps future files for 3D printing." Are possibly making 3D printed models to sell, and maybe one day you can print out your very own GNRI V class :)


Here, here. I have worked in commercial print for more than 10 years now. 3d print, and 3d print shops are the future.

I did the train from goldeneye a while back and was impressed by the detail you could achieve. The technology will only get better.



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Hi Guys, thanks for all your positive comments.


Glad ye like the video. Always loved the Goldeneye loco, which in reality was modified Class 20, with 2 heavily modified BR MK2 coaches.


In relation to Irish models, VALVE DESIGN at shapeways has already done a terrific job on the 201, C, A and 121 in N scale and the E class in 00.


As discussed, the technology isn't there yet. An A or C class produced this way wouldn't satisfy the demands of most modellers. We can only hope Mr. Murphy will bless us with an RTR version at some stage.



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