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Lenz Silver+ 21 pin decoders €25 - Rainer Kieskemper

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Hi Folks


Just thought I'd pass this on. I found an excellent source of Lenz decoders in Germany who sell at vastly better prices that UK or IRL suppliers. The Lenz Silver+ 21pin that suits MM locos are €25 which is a lot less than UK suppliers selling them for £25 each (i.e. €36).






A little story

BTW, I was bowled over by their customer service and "honesty". On a recent order I was shipped 8pin decoders by mistake. But I got a phone call from Rainer Kieskemper the next day to apologise and offered three options: a full refund, replacements with all postage including return postage paid by them, or alternatively keep the 8pin decoders if they were any use to me and they would ship the replacement 21pin decoders at zero postage, and here's the 'rub', said I did not have to pay for the 8pin decoders I already had until the 21pins arrived here. So I ended up with four 8 pin Lenz standard decoders for only €12 each! They will do my steam DCC conversions nicely and also suit my Silver Fox A class locos. No connection, just very pleased with their prices, honesty, trust and service. Don't you just love doing business with German companies.

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versbruk dork technic.............im sure somebody will correct this. When it comes to business transactions, they simply operate on a different level. I'd love to hear someone explain to them the 'cute whoreism, nod and wink' business thats done here. End of rant .......off thread...... apologies.

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Yes that is amazing Stephen. It is just so refreshingly nice when you come across really decent straight dealing folk with excellent customer service. It put me in good humour that morning. :)


Another price difference example:


ESU 50200 DCC system - from Germany €599

ESU 50200 DCC system - from UK £540 = €738

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