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2012 a definitive year for Irish Modelling.

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I was having a look at what we have had released so far in 2012 and looking at what is to come later in the year. So far we have had,


SSM 30 Ton Brake Van

Silver Fox PP car and coaches, and MK111 Gen Van

Glendergs buildings

Future releases include,

SSM Sulzer

Maybe more MM 201's and MK11's

MM 071-111

Commissioned by the retailers Autoballasters

Dave and Marks DD Vehicles

Jim Poots Bus models

If there is anything that I have forgotten or was not aware of, please feel free to add it in you're own post. I can't ever remember so many new models being released in one calender year before. It is good to see that the hobby is doing so well and 2012 is the definitely the definitive year for Irish Modelling.



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Thanks for advice lads, I will get in contact with him soon.

Has any one else here got any of the mk3 pp yet.


The models that Gareth from Model Shop Belfast had on display at the Wexford show looked nice so you won't be dissapointed Eamonn. By the way was it your birthday yesterday, if so a belated Happy Birthday Sir.



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