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Old style 20 ft containers from =C=Rail= Intermodal

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HI All


I don't know why ive not posted this before but we are doing the old style 20ft containers with the squarer ribs and the advertising panels.


The first 3 liveries are to be OCL, CAST and Genstar, these models are perfect for modelling the 80s onwards.


The ones with the colour charts are from the factory for my approval to speed things along.


Regards Arran




cast 1.jpg

Genstar ad.jpg

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CIE had a fleet of CIE liveried 20' and 40' containers, which were quite common back in the 80's in liner train consists. Not sure about CAST, but the OCL and Genstar containers are definitely prototypical for 80's CIE liner trains.


Arran - would you consider doing a run of CIE liveried containers?

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Oh No there about to leave the factory !! as well as the peacock tanks so if any of you are over at the DEMU show 30th 31st of may at Burton they will be on sale there.


Regards Arran


HI All


That's the website updated with all the new stuff.


Cast 20ft

OCL 20ft

Genstar 20ft

MOL 20ft reefer

K Line 40ft std

S Stolt 20ft tank

Peacock 20ft tank


Regards Arran

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