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Jouef Set What is the value?

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I have a Jouef Fret (freight) express with the Irish Loco


It states made in Irlande on the side (they once had a plant in Clare HDI - was it not)


The tracks do not have HDI on them though


I think the transformer is bunched



I also have a LIMA Irish catalouge if I am not mistaken




130302 (2).jpg


130302 (1).jpg

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Hi agoose & welcome to the site, I'm sorry but I wouldn't be of any help on that question, but if you contact wrenneire of this parish he if nobody else will have the info your looking for, I wouldn't be surprised to find he may have a few of those in his closet, or cave!!

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Thanks so far for the helpful replies


Wrenneire might be along later. If not, I will PM him.


I have another set (Airfix) and Hornby and LIMA wagons. Boxed and unboxed but all in excllent condition.


Also the hornby Smokey Joe 0-4-0 engine boxed. I think it got a handful of hours on the track :-(


I would like to get a good home for them as I do not think I will ever get around to putting down a track layout as much as I would like to

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Dia dhuit, Hi!

The new Jouef sets going €100 - €130:



You must have the luck of the Irish wit used sets:


(= simular loco as in your set. The model is from the French SNCF BB67000, with the Irish colors)




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Almost right! (Who cares ;) )

I'm living in Quest-Flanders, a Flemisch spoken part of Belgium, and a'm a shunter driver (EMU's; DMU; Loco's & DVT's) on the SNCB, @ Ghent.

ca 35km of Bruges; 25km of Ghent; 45km of Lille (Fr) (growwing up @ the Flanders Fields County).


Started with LEGO trains (8 age); @ age 15 makes a change to Marklin 3R~. Since 2004 by a visit @ the Emerald isle, I catched the Lima 207 'River Boyne' on the Belfast Model shop & @ Malahide Castle the 'Galway coaches' set. It's the faul of the Irish, I'm driving now Irish 00 (diving down now :dig: )


The SNCF BB67000, model for the loco on the set, does daily the Cross Border services between the Northern of France & Ghent

Corail Intercitéés Paris Nord - Boulogne Ville @ Abbeville


Les meas,


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