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Charleville Railway Station, Co. Cork

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I am wondering if there is anyone that would know what the railway station in Charleville, Co. Cork would have looked like in the 60s? I would like to plan a model railway and have a station based on the station from 60s and 70s. I would like the track layout if anyone can advise and I cannot remember the buildings that were there in the 80s, except the signal box, as I was a child then. I live at the moment in the USA. If anyone can advise where I could find out on this, I would greatly appreciate it.


I am not able to find anything really online about it and when I was on holidays during the year, I failed to get anything on it from anywhere I tried to in the town. The station had very nice buildings but of course these were torn down as part of IE when they built the building that is there now.

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The station buildings, being of GSWR origin, were the same, but the main difference would have been the GSWR-style very low platforms, little more than a foot higher than rail level. Many, if not originally most, of the GSWR platforms were low like this, continental style. If you look at the edging of Mallow platforms, which were like this into the 1990s, you'll see.


The signal cabin and goods shed would have been in use and busy.


Signal cabin and station painted dark green and cream; footbridge, shed doors, in fact pretty much anything else, CIE green.

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There would be far less trackwork now, look up osimapviewer and find Charleville c.1900 (historic 25'' series) to get an idea how extensive it was then compared to now.


Imagine there would have been a bit of trackwork lifted around where the water tank is after the demise of steam and Croom Branch closure and maybe something like the Gasworks noted on the map would be redundant, derelict or even demolished by that stage.

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Many thanks again to everyone for this, my father did say that there was a turntable there at one stage, I did think that it was a pity that I could not find in the library there any pictures of the station, it being something of importance to the town in it's history. I do hope in time that I can get a model of it built but I have a lot of work to do before I can get to a layout. For now I can collect bits of anything released in the way of Irish models.

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