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Bang goes my early afternoon off...

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OOOOOHHHHH, the Public Serbice's, don't they love paperwork, & this information is so important, isn't it !!!


Considering how it would subsequently allow the CME to calculate the rate at which locos were consuming lubricant, it'd be quite important... supplies would have been severely restricted in 1944!

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OOOOOHHHHH, the Public Service's don't they love paperwork, & this information is so important, isn't it !!!


The accountability that the information however trivial represents is the life blood of any democracy


"Ministerial Servicing" is taken very seriously in most democracies. Depending on the quality of information there is a potential for both the Minister and Public Servant to be serviced.


When a question is tabled for question time its basically a case of dropping whatever you are doing sometimes at very short notice and finding the answer for a ministerial question however seemingly trivial or forget about your career prospects as a public service.


The Cardinal sin is supplying a minister with less accurate information than the opposition already have and probably result in a transfer to Antartica or the Blasket Islands.


We tend to treat freedom of information more seriously than in Ireland all requests have to be processed free of charge within 20 days or face similar reprecussions.

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