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Did anyone ever hear of the Silver Princess?

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In silver, yes; red and cream would be awful!


Ah Janus isn't it awful isn't just awful, awful is the word no better word to describe it, do ye know what awful isn't the word at tall! Terrible terrible so the word, wouldn't it have been better if it had just been SCRAPPED( Twas quoting father ted(quite badly too!)

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Did anyone ever hear of the Silver Princess?




Or, better still, does anyone know where it was trialled?


I read somewhere - it was only after this coach was returned from Ireland to the UK that it was painted in BR Red and Cream.


Were it to have been painted prior to it evaluation by CIE, I doubt the CIE Publicity Dept would have prepared their brochure showing the coach in Silver amidst green coaches!


John, I believe the coach was trialled between Cork and Dublin - read it somewhere. Think it was after "Googling" Budd Coach History??

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Re: Silver Princess coach built by Budd Company.


Found this on RM WEB





Postby robertcwp » Sat Nov 01, 2008 7:22 pm


This was discussed on my Yahoo Group a year ago. Here is one of my posting from November 2007:


"December 2007 'Backtrack' has a two-page article on the 'Silver Princess' including the photo of it still with its original body

panelling and doors, in crimson and cream, mentioned below. There are also two interior shots, one showing the bar area fitted after

its rebuild. A further external shot dated 29/6/56 shows the vehicle in maroon, having been repanelled and lost its middle door.


The narrative states that the vehicle was first tried between King's Cross and Edinburgh then fitted with 5'3" bogies and tried on Irish

railways for three months in 1948. It was then stored and later purchased by BR in 1955. BR used it as 'The Ulster Bar' on the

Euston-Heysham run. It is suggested that withdrawal took place in June 1966."


There is also a photo of the vehicle in June 1963 Modern Railways, showing it in maroon and minus the middle door. Photo dated April 15

1963 and vehicle running in 'The Shamrock'. The photo appears to show it with ETH.


More recently, there has also been a discussion on the LMSREG Yahoo Group.


Robert Carroll


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Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/robertcwp/

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It would almost defiantly have been on the Dublin Cork mainline, 2 reasons

A=this was the mainline such an" exclusive coach" would usually be limited to the main lines example being the Pullmans, the furthest they ever got from the mainline was headford junction.B=the loco hauling the train is.. The 800 class which were restricted to the mainline, although being the flagship locos would have meant they would have showed up on advertising a fare bit in the early 50s

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