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22 foot flat with beer kegs

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Did all of these wagons have the rectangular buffers or was it just the ones used for the keg containers?


I've seen these beer cage wagons with these type cages with both rectangular and round head buffers. It would be a matter of choosing which numbered wagon you would want to model. All of the wagons used for these cages had extra box iron on the top of the chassis for carrying those type of 90 keg cages.



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Seamus and Rob to my utter regret I had started to run low on space on the memory card when I had shot that wagon. The yard (Waterford West) was full of activity that day. There was beet, bulk cement, liner, beer cages among others. The Dublin Waterford train arrived and left for the return journey. The weather that day was amazing for the time of year. I had intended to make another trip soon but I never did. Pretty soon most of the traffic had ceased and it's why I always say that we should photograph everything now as it will be history some day. Timber trains are all one is likely to see there now and who knows how long that will last.


I have lots of photos pre digital days that still have the negatives and I hope to have them resized some day. It seems that the only way to recreate that kind of scene these days is to model it.



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