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TWO new Provincial Wagons

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Unfitted 10 ton van




Fitted 10 ton van


These wagons were based on the 1921 Railway Clearing House design intended as a standard van for Irish railways, but, as far as I can discover, only the GN built them (as Diagram 13).


Two hundred of them were rebuilt (by the simple expediency of adding an second skin of wood inside! And a 3" tongue and groove floor!) in 1938 to Diagram 14 as unfitted Bagged Cement vans. See the upper illustration. Of course, these vans would have been superseded by the 1954 vans built for cement traffic, (my first wagon, for those of you with long memories) but would have remained in service as standard vans to the end of the GN.


Kit £23.


The second rebuild was in 1943 when a hundred further vans were rebuilt as fitted vans for use on passenger trains. This was to diagram 17. These vans were finished in the distinctive bauxitge livery, denoting their vacuum brake fitted status. See the lower illustration.


Kit £24




Both are available for immediate delivery.


There's a story to this pair of kits - at Warley in 2014 - Alan Edgar presented me with a trio of ten ton vans (about a quarter longer than my existing 9 ton van), based on a master he had created for a Resin Modelling course. Using this master, Michael Rayner has added a suitable chassis to created not one, but two new kits. Thanks, Alan for a great master!


I offer a modest discount multiple orders, as I save on the postage! Euro price calculated on the day you order - never a better time - the Pound seems to be worthless!

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