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Work in progress layout ...part : Damned if I know at this point :)

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Well lads, 6-7 years in the making and I'm still not finished , I post here every year or so on the progress and I am getting there :):banana::banana::banana:


I had one section that I really wasn't happy with, it was the main point interchange for the yard access and the station further down the line and the cross over between the main up and down. Anyway the last long weekend I had I pulled up about 3 meters of track , the station layout, the entrance to the yard and a spur off the station. Spent about a week putting it back together and wiring in the DDC bus.


The first four pictures are how it was , the final four are how its now. The pictures with the rebuild are on my phone so a post for another day.


Removing the Horby curved points and general realignment of the main up and down tied into the access to the Yard and station actually helped a lot. I've lost storage tracks for now but as I extend the layout around the outer wall of the attic I can put more and longer storage lines in.


I'm a lot happier with layout now, it runs better as well.


Back to the scenery.














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Thanks guys,


Kevrail : the layout & track plan is a work in progress. The older athearn locos and the GO Transit commuter carriages were a bit fiddly on the Hornby points and track so I really had to spend a lot of time getting the alignment correct.


Irishrailwayman: Ahh yeah moving it could be a problem, If I win the lotto and move house the missus is going to be dealing with a lot of sobbing on my part. :)



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