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Interesting and great to see some Mk3s getting back to traffic. I used this service to Belfast in April and was disappointed at the very average speeds throughout. Had been up for the Belf. Mar and on the return service on Monday the only good run the train put in was between Dundalk and Drogheda - 75/80 mph for a short period. Overall disappointing and over-heard other passengers comment on the slow speeds of the enterprise! Looking at the traffic on the adjacent M1 the cars were passing out the train instead of the other way round. In view of the extensive M-Way network it's time for a few crack inter-city services to compete and beat road times between major cities.

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One of the only good things the Troika ("yes, you, scoopmonkey") has insisted on is that at least 30 mins be shaved off dub-belfast and dub-galway and dub-lim jct, and up to an hour on dub-cork. It was in some windy report I read recently, something to do with public transport & capital investment. I have done the dub-newry run regularly for 14 years, and when I compare it to throttling between thurles and limerick junction years ago on mkIII's, nearly hoppin off the rails at times, it is truly pedestrian.

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