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My new American layout

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Well... it's about time as it's only been 3 years since I dismantled my last one. I've gone all the way to the dark side, N Gauge American!


The baseboard is 1500mm long x 850mm wide which will have a simple twin loop with shunting sidings. It will feature a lumber yard, loco yard and an undecided siding.


My girlfriend bought me an Athearn Big Boy DCC with sound for Christmas and I have been collecting for a while. I set up a simple Tomix oval but I am starting to lay Peco code 55 track tomorrow and hope to have the layout fully functioning in the next few days.


Here's a pic


My N Gauge.jpg

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Bit more progress over the Christmas period. A busman's holiday!


The code 55 track is down and the next step is wiring. I took my time on getting the sleeper spacing's correct at the joints and at points and makes a massive difference.


2016-12-31 17.00.50.jpg



2016-12-31 17.01.05.jpg

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Looking good Dave! I have to say, there is something fantastically satisfying and rewarding when you get some track and points (and pints!)down. Like you, I managed to get a few hours peace and quiet over the christmas and have put some track down in a yard area. One spilled tin of beer and a misplaced bag of fishplates which took 3 hours to find... but all part of the fun!

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Thanks lads,


Dave its been months in the planning and just couldn't get the time to build it. It's great though when it gets to this stage, still have to wire it and fit the MegaPoints point control system.


Thanks JHB, I wanted something that I could leave a train running and be able to do some shunting. The plan is to have a lumber yard and a grain depot with a small loco depot.


The era I'm interested in modelling is late steam early diesel

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