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GNR(i) Wagons

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Thank you for pointing out my error about the page number.




I do not know that the colour is red it seems to me to be that colour. The "W" van is a different shade of grey in the photo as is the GNR wagon body; the latter we know is grey. The lettering is a light colour possibly white or yellow but is not as light as the letter "G" on the wagon. To me a red and white sign would make an impact and stand out more than most other colours particularly at a distance. I offer these as my personal thoughts. Others will have different and no less valid views.

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The "W" van could well be UTA dark green. It could also be the bauxite brown that the UTA had on fitted vans. Your views on the red are certainly plausible, though blue can stand out too! I don't think anyone would mind nowadays on a model!


The grey used by the GNR and UTA was virtually the same, but given the lack of activity that UTA wagon paintbrushes had, and their deliberate running down of goods traffic, weathering and wear were very bad. A newly painted clean UTA good wagon was an extreme rarity, so a UTA goods train is really only realistic with heavy, heavy weathering!

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Today I called with Billy Caldwell, a retired Carpenter from the GNR(i). When the railway closed he was 'clerk of works' on the lifting train and was contracted to lift the line between Portadown and Derry. I called briefly and will call again. Today he explained how the contours of the area around the location of the station had changed over the years and what was once the road that took grain away from the railway is almost unrecognisable. I have enhanced the Des Coakham picture below. The wagons were emptied into Scotts lorries and were driven by two other men, of whom are alive today. He said lorries were loading all day, every day.He said that the drop from the shuts of the wagons to the lorries below was more than enough for them to reverse in with ease.



Omagh Grain.jpg

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Can I take you back, just over a year ago, when this picture was posted and the topic was the movement of grain from Omagh GNRi station to Scotts Mill in the town. Is anyone able to tell me what the lorry type is in the picture as I am trying to find suitable 00 models, please.

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