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Railwayiana Auction, Birr, May 10th, 2017.

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Hung a few over the weekend as well






That 184 plate is interesting, in that it's one of the ones specially cast for her to appear in a special livery for filming about 1959/60-ish. It is thus unique.


Naturally, she had carried a painted number for some years before, and the original Inchicore plate would have disappeared some time in the late 49s / early 50s.


I'm presuming the DSER one is off a wagon. No coach or loco had anything like that.


As far as I am aware, full lists of DSER wagons haven't survived, so finding out exactly what it came off might be difficult.

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The words 'hung, 'over' and 'weekend' so often occur in the same sentence...


As does the word 'few' common uses can include 'going out for a few' or 'sure I've only had a few'


'few' also is a common unit of measurement denoting an unquantifiable volume of ale or spirits.

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Picked this one up also

I dont think its a Railway one though

Maybe from a tram?




No, I think you're in luck Dave. I'm pretty sure it's from a Hill of Howth tram



EDIT: it took some time to find evidence to back that statement up....


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