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Railwayiana Auction, Birr, May 10th, 2017.

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Have you made more than one album?


Click All images, then New album from the drop list to do so.


Then add images to that album.


It's only an issue if you want to find them again.


There used to be a 250 limit for free use, but it seems to be infinite now.

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It made €320 (€384 after commission)

It wasn't a brass one though,

B, not to worried about Imgur, just dumping everything in the same album

I did what you said previously but adding pics to the new album was impossible for me so I will leave things as they are.



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I have to agree with the guy who commented that putting so much stuff up at once would keep the prices down - just £3,000 for a S Class nameplate?


Interesting to see the variation in price - but if you lived virtually anywhere in Ireland you could pick up something with your local station name on it - obviously, in some cases there were two folk chasing (very hard) for the same thing.


Dave, I'm glad Malahide ended up with a "Local Boy" - all right and proper.


184's numberplate is the original -I understand that the ones on the engine are copies.


Old John's estate has certainly had a boost!



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I was very surprised to see that each of the 3 NCC number plates went for 500 or less each. There was one for sale last month on the mainland and it went for £750.


Number plate 100 I thought should have sold for a lot more, anyway if I wasn't a student and not saving up for uni, then I would have definitely bid, ah well plenty more time left.

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Well done 201

If memory serves me. the dearest of all the tablets on the night?


Yes it was! it was €520.......probably undervalue though given its rarity! Funnily a second Kerry (staff) Glenbeigh to Killorglin sold for €500.


Also accidentally got the CBPR axle box!

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Excellent buy, excellent cleaning job.


It's better to clean up, as obviously a repaint - even if absolutely correctly done - decreases value.


I notice that not only this, but other wagon / coach / tender numberplates too, were described inaccurately by the auctioneers as being off locomotives!


Surely they must realise that the DSER never had 913 engines in their sheds.....!

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The words 'hung, 'over' and 'weekend' so often occur in the same sentence...


Indeed.....and as I often tell tourists, when explaining the implications of actually seeing, rather than just hearing, the banshee, "most Irishmen meet her in person when we get home from the pub on a Saturday night"......

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