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Better that Bank Interest rates

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It just takes two irrational or uninformed bidders who are unaware of market prices to gleefully pay miles over the odds. Auctions are great for creating false urgency. One theory I heard expressed recently was perhaps some collectors who bought large 141/181 collections when first launched, possibly on the expectation of a repeat of the Lima 201 high price bubble for baby GMs in the future, are now offloading some before Murphy Models new 121 model arrives with retailers this autumn. Maybe free up funds to buy 121s, or sell 141/181s before market price drops??? Who knows. The markets will find their own levels.

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Nowt so funny as folk, as they say where I originate from...

Seem to remember seeing stuff on the Antique's Road Show - Dinky Toys or such, that had never been out of their boxes or seen the light of day. Evidently worth a fortune, but as nobody knew what was actually inside, could have been the Emperer's New Clothes. Down in Kent, we have an artist by the name of Bob Fridd, who creates all sorts of amazing things from scrap card, but one of his party pieces is to reproduce Dinky/Corgi Toy boxes [hand painted] and then get folk to tell the difference from the originals.

I use the above merely to illustrate what can & does float different people's boats. For me, I'd rather pay three grand for a quality scratch build that the same for a mint, boxed, rare Wrenn A4 or some such, because the latter [though good for its day] is nothing compared even to a Bachmann today. Slight exaggeration, of course - wouldn't pay big money for anything I could build myself and have the pleasure, dubious or otherwise, of doing so.

You pays your money and makes your choice, but sometimes I wonder...

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I agree with JHB, what gets me the most is that on eBay you can look for certain items (in my case Triang hornby Clerestories) and for a while the price is reasonable for a second hand model, then all of a sudden you get a spike in prices and instead of them selling for up to £10.00 or Euro 11.64 up they go to silly money of say £50.00 (58 to 60 Euros)each.


Don't get me wrong I am happy to pay the price if it is reasonable, but a S/H coach which has seen better days going for that amount is just ridicules and why pay that much for a coach I plan to chop up?

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I have to say that I disapprove of buying up large amounts of a limited edition model just try to line pockets, when many modellers have to scrimp and save to get one, only to be told they're out of print.....


I know it's old news but it still isn't right.


Agree. Unfortunately there will always be some merchants who want to make money in the temple. :) Possibly also a bit of innocent OCD at play for some collectors.

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