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Remove or not to remove 141/181 walkway hand rails

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Just a suggestion, don't bother removing the walkway hand rails if you need to remove the body of a Murphy Model 141/181 to fit DCC decoders, or for weathering. They are a nightmare to re-fit, especially because at one end they are glued to the chassis where the steps are, and you need a microscope to refit the other vertical stanchions.


It's relatively easy to get the centre body shell off using two ice cream sticks to pinch the body in and upwards over the two pairs of snap fit lugs, leaving the walkway rails in place. Just unclip the rails from each cab end which is easy.

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I've had the handrails off of mine and refit them with no problem, none of mine were glued. It is fairly painless removing them when you take time and care.



Interesting Rich. All mine were glued at one end near the top of the centre walkway steps, but the stanchions were just fiction fitted, as is the end that fits into the cab sides. Maybe its just my eyesight and shaky hands! :) When weathering B181 I found it easier to leave them on as they nicely picked up some of the grime I was spraying.
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That's true. They got pretty grimy in photos. I think the main issue is when removing the two parts of the body for inside work. The rails can be easy enough at times but very fiddly on occasion. Despite my better than average eyesight, I've hot that decade when presbyopia sets in!

Noel, any chance of a video of the lollipop method when you get a chance, I tried it but couldn't get it to work, maybe not enough pressure in the right places or whatever. (I know that might be hard unless you have a willing accomplice or a tripod). Not essential but if it's easy to do

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