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Seriously dodgy permanent way!

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Came across these vids on a youtube session. Some seriously poor track conditions, on a most likely very lightly used branch line in the US. The line is the Maumee and Western Railroad in Cecil Ohio.


The first one looks like a derailment is inevitable! The Burma Road would be in better shape I reckon



update on the line above:


same line again:

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I would be inclined to think that even taking photos / videos of those rail lines would be in itself dangerous, nay even suisdal, just go's to show, it seems that only the goods trains run ! creep along it, thanks for posting,

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Interesting to see the traffic is mostly in box cars rather than covered hoppers which is pretty much the staple in grain growing area of the mid-West. A lot of the duplicate traffic that was spun off by the Class 1 was bought by the State or City Government (to maintain rail connections to local industries) and the operation contracted out to a shortline operator.


The Norfolk & Western absorbed the Nickel Plate and Wabash which served much the same area during the 1960s and used the best bits of the two systems to form a link from the East Coast to Chicago and St Louis.(The West). The whole dynamic in the North East change with the break up of Conrail between Norfolk Southern & CSX about 20 years ago resulting in both companies operating competing New York-Chicago routes a condition that hadn't existed since the mid 1960s.

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