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Hornby class M7 to Irish GSR calss 279

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Hi all - 'tis myseff back in action again with more shenanigans - and before i go on like a broken record, 'tis great to be here and i love the site revamp!

  I purchased a hornby M7 for 40 notes on ebay ''dother day with a view to making it into an Irish loco, namely  a GSR class 279, funnily enough numbered 279!  The idea came to me after consuming a few gulps of uncle Arthur(God bless the man!9_9) and finding the said loco in the book 'locos of the GSR'.  The project took as much time as it took me to consume 4 cans of the holy stuff - the most time being given to the decal removal and masking for the final spray.  So, body separated from the chassis, whistles removed from the done and same filled with model plastic, brake fluid used very effectively on removing the decals, (pause for breath):$...then the reduction of the bunker height.

    Decals removed with a cocktail stick and after a wash down and a quick dry with my seldom used hair dryer - she was sprayed with a can of matt black paint from Halfords, after masking the buffer beams and windows with blue tack. (no fecking messing here!!!:rolleyes:)  So after all paint dried and blue tack removed , the whole shebang was lovingly slapped back together to produce this baby................Shes not perfect and a few bits more need to be done like her new number but shes mine and she has got her Irish passport!!






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