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Does the 4x1 include the fiddle yard/headshunt? 

 The smallest prototype yard I can think of is Wantage Town, which scales out at just over 4' in 4mm scale. Not Irish of course but not dissimilar to Irish practice.

 The other thought is Inglenook Sidings, a shunting plank designed some years ago. No loop, just three tracks for wagon shuffling using a card system to create a puzzle.

 Either way, nothing is really that small, so you are better off with a track plan that suits your needs and the make it Irish in theme by deciding what the traffic source(s) will be.

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What sort of space have you available?

I, too, am currently planning a small shunting type layout to amuse myself with. Prototypes I had considered were short harbour lines like Sligo Quay, or small termini like Courtmacsherry, Fintona or Westport Quay.

I have a rough idea of the once-proposed terminus at Belmullet, which would have been long and narrow had it been built. One can retain the narrowness, but shorten it considerably if space dictates. 

Castleisland, again shortened, would also make an interesting small terminus. I had also considered the highly unusual Terenure terminus of the Dublin & Blessington, which was extremely cramped. Such a terminus, dare I say, has "Holman" written all over it!!!!

In narrow gauge, a small terminus with shunting in mind would be well represented by Castlegregory.

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Probably the best designer of small layouts is Iain Rice & have attached a photo of his drawing of Wantage Town, where you can see that the station is only 4' long AND, this is very much to scale!

 However, in his book 'Urban Layouts', he has created some real gems, including a straightforward shunting yard, but also a super little two level layout in just over 6' and finally three separate 4'6 modules, designed to be linked together vertically using cassettes. If you can get the book, it is well worth reading.







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