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Belmont coaches

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37 minutes ago, WRENNEIRE said:


Looking for the names and designation of the various coaches for this train

Pics would be wonderful  :trains:

Can't help you with the Belmont coaches I'm afraid, but they could be very similar to the Belmond ones. :) See names below on SSMs new etches.  



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14 minutes ago, Garfield said:

A bit like your beat wagons, vs actual beet wagons, Noel... :)

Yea fair cop - but I've a lexdysic excuse! :) 

PS: I do belatedly apologise for asking IRM to proclamate beat wogans in your customer server last year, I'm sure CIE never had a special wogan for musicians. But I could be getting mixed up with the radio train.


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7 hours ago, WRENNEIRE said:

Have the etch Noel. looking to see what name goes where and window configurations

I did mention I was bringing my boxing gloves to the Ryans on the 3rd?

Listen Dave, what you do with your gloxing boves is your business :):) 

The wanderers photos here might help figure out what goes where.


PS: I am awaiting etch myself to have a go at these


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Two restaurants in the rake. Sligo and Wexford, they are formed up together between the 5 sleepers and observation coach. They are just converted standards though 7171, 7169 not ex IE Restaurants.


The Wanderer on Boards replied to you Dave with the Belmond rake list.

87104 (ex 7601) - EGV / Crew Mess (Carlow)
87110 (ex 7130) - Crew Sleeper (Donegal)
87001 (ex 7116) - Guest Sleeper (Fermanagh).
87002 (ex 7158) - Guest Sleeper (Leitrim).
87003 (ex 7129) - Guest Sleeper (Waterford).
87004 (ex 7149) - Guest Sleeper (Down).
87005 (ex 7137) - Guest Sleeper (Kerry).
87101 (ex 7171) - Restaurant (Sligo)
87102 (ex 7169) - Restaurant (Wexford).
87103 (ex 7104) - Observation Lounge Car (Kildare).

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