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Couple on the go. Italeria F-14 and Airfix 1/24 spit

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Sorry only seen your request a few mins ago.


Here you go a taken few months back , just have 1 life boat to do but as usual I am flicking around between models trying to get stuff done.


tis weathered up a bit now.


44750683070_084e0962dd_k.jpg588_8896 by Georgeconna, on Flickr


46358717561_9942ac3932_k.jpg588_8864 by Georgeconna, on Flickr


45446305805_17f3649d17_k.jpg588_8862 by Georgeconna, on Flickr


46358779331_309d706397_z.jpg588_8858 by Georgeconna, on Flickr


46358779331_608daf5fb3_k.jpg588_8858 by Georgeconna, on Flickr

Supermarine Attacker done a few months back. Trumpetor Kit 1/48


45635738924_6e5d6c0ebb_k.jpg588_8868 by Georgeconna, on Flickr


45635731754_30b0619594_k.jpg588_8869 by Georgeconna, on Flickr


45635738924_6e5d6c0ebb_k.jpg588_8868 by Georgeconna, on Flickr

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42 minutes ago, DiveController said:

Lovely F-14. Probably the heaviest 'fixed'-wing to land on a carrier

The old A-3 Skywarrior was the heaviest carrier aircraft in general service, I believe - 82,000lb against an F-14's 74,000lb -

Image result for skywarrior



- but this will take some beating 121,000lbs by the time they had practised a bit. -


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