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Thread for Drawing / Prototype information submissions

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I have been looking through the drawings and noticed that most of them are on the small side at about 800x600px or there about. I have an drawing of a WT class 2-6-4 that is 5889x3976px (24.3 megabytes). Now that is probably too big. I was just wondering what size would be best size to submit?

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Anybody who wants the higher resolution image can download it here. {Link SNip} The password to open the file is: http://irishrailwaymodelling.com. If the link goes dead drop me a pm and I will re-upload it

Hi res download link removed, for a copy of the high res image see post 18 in this thread.

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3rd times a charm (I hope:ROFL:). If you click on this link it will bring to to the image, then on the top bar there are a bunch of sizes, s,m, xl ect.. if you click on “O” it should bring you to the original 23mb high res image. You can then right click on the image and save image as.



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