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NCC, old photographs from April 1949

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My mate Dave Dunn has recently received a collection of slides/negatives etc from a relative of a deceased photographer which will be added to the Armstrong Railway Photographic Trust Archive. All 'big island' images apart from an album containing 17 old postcard prints but no negatives taken in April 1949, mainly on the old NCC at Belfast, York Road. I have added them to ERNIE's Railway Archive although the Copyright is not known,as it is possible that the negatives no longer exist.

Does any of the ones below ring a bell ?

EDIT : I keep forgetting that if I bung em on here it doesn't display the flickr captions. The shed is Ballymena and the yard York Road. Date for all the photos is 6 April 1949. A couple of the others are Coleraine and there is one at Portrush. Check out the flickr album it also has most of the loco numbers/details.

Ballymena shed 6Apr49 img822 Belfast York Road, W Class 90 6Apr49 img831

The remainder are in this album



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I think the photos were in a collection belonging to (I think) R Valentine but I am invariably wrong when trying to remember names!

Also uploaded this one acquired from EB recently

Waterford 049 23Oct93 img813

 There is a link to this topic !  B&NCR/ NCC had an A Class which were rebuilt and this is an A Class also rebuilt🤩


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