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14 hours ago, DiveController said:

I'm not sure there are definite prices in either location. There is the  currency rate and postage to consider and who knows what's happening with Brits-Stalled and potential import taxes to those remaining in the EU??

Hopefully the 121s will ship before brexit actually happens and before the end of January. I assume A classes should not be affected by brexit, tariffs and vat differences because IRM is an Irish company and orders were placed with it not a UK entity. Looks like a lot of locos are going to hit the market in January including the Deltic's one of which I've ordered too. :) Delighted to hear about the class 37. This is really putting it up to both Bachmann and Hornby. 👍 Really looking forward to the 121 also. Post-Christmas blues will be brightened up by the sound of running locos.

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