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Irish steam locomotives kits

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Colin R

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Hi all, this is a bit of a reminder for me and anyone else. A couple of years ago there was talk about a few new Irish Broad Gauge Steam Loco kits com in both 4mm or 7mm scales, I think one was the Kerry Bogie and the other one was a D17 as featured in the film 'the Quiet man' can anyone recall what the state of play is with them  and if there is any news from new manufactures.

I have been trying to obtains drawings where I can but as a lot of these locos where built at Inchicore I am not sure  where any drawing may still exist and whom to contact.


Colin R 

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1 hour ago, Galteemore said:

If you want a D19 Colin, there is an excellent set of drawings in British Railway Modelling, Jan 2006, Vol 13 No 10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333619464015

It’s not me that’s selling it BTW! 

I think I may have that one if it done by Tim Camer.

thank you

1 hour ago, jhb171achill said:

Check with JM Design....

Will do  thanks

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A collection of GSR broad and narrow gauge loco drawings including GSWR Classes was published with New Irish Lines in recent years. The publisher of New Irish Lines Alan O'Rourke should be able to help if you want copies of particular diagrams.

Updates on progress with the JM Design 52 Class/D17 kit including photos of a test build are available in the Manufacturers section of this website.



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Thanks John for that,

The kit is looking very good. I have just purchased an engraving taken from the Engineer of a W&LWR 2-4-0 Tender loco designed by J G Robinson GSR Class 276 or Inchicore class G3, while it is a GA I need to find out a bit more about the shape of the frames, it very nice to look at, but it needs to be broken down a bit more, so it can be more useful for anyone who would like to either make a model or design a kit of it.

The next ones on the list are the GS&WR Classes 37 and 27 4-4-2T, this is because I like the looks of them.



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