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4mm scale / 00n3 Swilly 4-8-0 Tender loco model

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Colin R

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Hi Guys I wonder if anyone has come across a model of one of the Swilly 4-8-0 Tender locos that was given to the Swilly board of directors in the 1960's.

I know the swilly company no longer exists, but I just wondered if anyone knew what has happen to the model, I am hoping that it has gone to a local museum in Derry or the public records office in Belfast.

This is part of the search of where narrow gauge model locomotives from the 1960 have ended up, if It can be traced then I plan to let the 009 Heritage collection manager know about it, they already have a number of 009 and 00n3 locos in the collection from that period and as this is one I recall, it would be great to find out what has happen to it and get it preserved.


Colin Rainsbury

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Possibly built by George Hannan who modelled the Irish 3' in OOn3 during the 1960s, his Killybegs layout along with scratchbuilt Donegal locos and stock was featured in the Railway Modeller during the early 60s. 

He ran a model railway/art shop in Malahide during the 1970s before retiring to Donegal.

The Backwoods kit for the Swilly 4-8-0 was first introduced by Pete McParlin of  Backwoods Miniatures in the early 1990s

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Good morning,

I believe the model you are seeking was built by David Lloyd, who was the first editor of Continental Modeller magazine, published by Peco.  
There is a picture of the locomotive on page 60 of “The Modeller Book of Narrow Gauge”, published in 1986. The caption says David built the 4-8-0 in 1960, then it passed to Michael Taylor, but in 1986 she resides in the L&LSR Boardroom.

It would be nice to see some up to date photos if she can be located.



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Thanks Paul that is the one we are looking for, it would be great to find her again and if the 009 Society don't get her then the guys at Donegal would be the better place for her to be displayed.


1 hour ago, airfixfan said:

Looks superb. The last Chairman and former owner of the Swilly died a few weeks ago. The model may yet re-appear?

Please keep a look out for her, it is sad when people pass on but may be some good will come of this.

Colin Rainsbury

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