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Bord na Mona Kilberry siding and Athy questions?

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I'm just looking at Google maps and wondering did the Bord na Mona facility at Kilberry (between Cherryville Junction and Athy) have a siding for heavy rail? The long shed (or a predecessor) parallel to the line looks like it may have seen rail traffic at some stage. Maybe it never did but I was surprised to read about the Athy Brick Works (not the Tegral factory!) slightly further south of here, which did have a siding for a few short years and of which no trace can really be seen on Google maps today.

Does anyone have any track plans for Athy by the way, from the 80s or 90s? When were the sidings into the goods shed lifted does anyone know?

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Rail traffic from the Kilberry & Coolnamona (near Portlaoise) Peat Moss plants appear to have ceased in the late 60s early 70s when BNM acquiring its onw fleet of trucks. 

Its possible Kilberry Siding was disconnected when the Cherryville Junction-Athy section was converted to CTC control around 1975, although Athy was scheduled to close to goods traffic under the Rail Plan 80 scheme Athy the sidings on the down side continued to handle goods traffic until the Dublin-Waterford line went over the Liner operation at some stage in 78. 

During the final months/year of operation traffic appears to have been handled in CIE side door and half height containers on 20' container flats rather than H Vans and corrugated open wagons.

Presumably the down side goods yard sidings were disconnected at some stage after the station closed to goods traffic.


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