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David Holman

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Might just be me, but with some of my Humbrol and Precision enamels running low, or in a couple of tinlets gone solid, suddenly realised I can't just pop down to the local model shop. On top of that, an internet search reveals many colours are in short supply, while the fact that they cannot be sent through the post makes buying just a couple of tinlets very expensive - like £5.99 instead of £1.80

 Hattons out of matt black, Precision out of metallic brass, while Humbrol don't seem to have  certain colours like 'dirty black' or metalcote gunmetal any more.

 Anyone else having problems?

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Me neither....you’d need a lot of pots of 61.....funnily enough I actually broke into my old Humbrol stock earlier today as this thread was starting: decided Enniskillen’s backhead needed some gunmetal on the regulator and firebox door. It’s a great paint - slight rub and it gets a nice metallic sheen. Hope it gets easier to find 



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You may want to see if local hardware shops stock Humbrol, or Revell tins of paint, or can get them for you. I am lucky as my nearest one stocks a selection of Revell tinlets and Richardsons, up the road in Feltham, stock the full range of Humbrol paints, as they have a model department as well as the main hardware/ironmongers. 

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Many thanks to Precision for their prompt delivery of two tinlets today, but am thinking they may have broken the world record for unnecessary amounts of packaging. The box was full of polystyrene balls, with the two tinlets encased in bubble wrap. Overkill or what?


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3 hours ago, David Holman said:

Managed to get a tinlet of Humbrol 27004, metalcote gunmetal, in a local independent DIY store today. Not even in the current catalogue, so quite a find.

 They had the full range, but both matt and gloss black out of stock, but at least there was black in the wargame acrylics set.

What environmental waste indeed. Did they use a haz chem courier?

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