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Weathering suggestions for Mk2/3 coaches

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Hi folks, 


My layout is based on a fictional preservation railway and as such I will be having a few carriages in a 'storage awaiting overhaul' siding, so would like tips on weathering them. 

I am well acquainted with weathering locos and metal frames etc with rust, but would love some tips on making a 'sun faded paint' look if such a thing could be achieved. 

I have attached a pic found on the internet of a Mk2 at Whitehead for an idea of what I mean. Especially interest if anyone has ideas for the lichen/green growth and the sunbleached dayglo doors. 




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Why don't you get the same tubes in Windsor and Newton oil paints and thinners from a Local Art shop. You get more paint, costs less and does not have all that fancy packaging.

All you have to do is mix it.

I must admit Mig J certainly nails the Marketing on his products.



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In my defence, your honour, I had a load of Nectar points on eBay which paid for the set! I’m intrigued by the technique as I have a rather special project to trial it on (which I will post here if it works!). One of many military modeller techniques we can learn from. 

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12 hours ago, RobertRoche said:

For fading paint a very very light airbrush of white across the surface might be enough. I just found this video of a method using oil paints: 


thats awesome!!! looks like a great idea I will be certainly trying that. 


I don't have an airbrush and have no intentions of getting one any time soon so this technique sounds perfect for me :P 

2 hours ago, irishthump said:

I dislike airbrushes for fading effects, the result never looks natural to me.


You can also use enamels for dot filter techniques. This class 25 was done that way although I didn’t go for a heavily faded look.



thats lovely! 


I've got quite decent at doing dirty washes etc to make models look grimy, but making the paint faded rather than chipped/dirty is still something I'm trying to work out. I will be trying that oil dot idea though

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