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Murphy Models Lima Mk3 7141

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Due to absence from the hobby at the time, I missed the MM Lima mk3 coaches when they were on sale over 20 years ago. I managed to buy 7141 one on ebay at a sensible price recently just to have one example in my collection as it was one of MMs earliest products. I have enough resprays to make up a mk3 rake, but it will be nice to have one original MM/Lima coach.

Fitted kadee no 141 whisker couplings to it this afternoon. Took about 15mins of measuring and checking, basically snip away the horrible tension lock couplings these come with and make a platform to glue a draft gearbox kadee no 141 whisker coupling to it. I made an offer on ebay which was accepted at a sensible price. There have been quite a few of these on ebay recently but one example was enough for me given the resprays I have done recently and mk3s are a bit modern for my layout anyway, but glad to have one of the originals which would have been part of a set originally.

@WRENNEIRE(Dave Bracken) has a fabulous thread on the forum with a comprehensive visual history of Murphy Models products over the past 23 years and indeed many other Irish model products:





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