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The 5p workbench

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Thanks David, 

In truth the 2 thou probably doesn't matter, I doubt any track I lay will be to that tolerance, temperature expansion and contraction alone would probably generate a greater error!

However errors tend to compound, so I would sooner start from the "correct" point, at least it is another variable that is controlled and hopefully the final error will still give track that is workable.

The mini mill is a Proxxon MF 70. I bought it from a store in Germany when the pound was particularly strong against the Euro (and we were still in the EU so didn't incur all the various add-on taxes). In truth I don't use it to its full potential but do find it useful to have around. I don't know how I would have created those cut-outs so neatly without it.

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I've finally got the roof on the C Class at the third attempt.

For the first attempt I used superglue to attach the brass panel. This set too quickly and well before I could get the panel accurately positioned, so the panel was prised off and the residual glue sanded back and cleaned up.

For the second attempt I used some 5 minute epoxy, this gave me chance to clamp the panel down, but try as I might I couldn't get the ends to sit flush. So once the glue was set the panel was prised off again, the glue sanded off and cleaned up again.

After a bit of pondering I realised the problem was that plastic print was domed front to back and so raising the end of the brass roof panel at either end (I was trying to bend the panel along the length of the arch, no chance!). Whether this was a fault with the print or as a result of my sanding when I removed the roof detail I don't know, anyway, a few minute filing with a straight file result in a flat roof which the brass panel sat neatly on.



With the roof on I've added the exhausts which are simply brass tube cut to size. I did use the lathe to drill out the centre of the tube to thin down the walls a bit more first. For the fan vent I turned down the outside of the tube a few thou to create the rim then soldered on some fine mesh. I still need to make and add the centre dome and fan to finish it.


I've also got the buffers fitted. I always find that a transformational step in any build, the loco face suddenly appears. The front footplates and coupling stiffener are now fitted to one end, they still need a bit of tiding up though.

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So I blew the considerable layer of gathered dust off the workbench this afternoon.

My main task was to mount a small square of stainless steel on my lathe base to enable me to use a magnetic dial gauge holder, but as I had the lathe out I took the opportunity to turn some brass rod to form the C Class fan.

After attacking it with a piercing saw and files I had something resembling the real thing, I feel I could do better but as the fan is virtually invisible behind the grill it probably wouldn't be worth the effort to remake.


The fan itself is only 4.5mm in diameter so I'm taking David's advice not to sneeze........

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