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  1. Really looking forward to the DVT !
  2. Rob

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    They look really good, excellent work!
  3. Rob

    Irish Rail intercity lookalikes

    Look forward to seeing that- l've never seen a model of the IR Mark lV DVT!
  4. Rob

    LIMA Murphy Models

    Definitely a 'runner', interested in 'lrish only' and within that, late 1990's / early 2000's before the dreaded modern Railcars took hold. Currently redeveloping layout to properly run my collection of (all with boxes) locos (201, 071, 181 & 141 class) and including MM Cravens & Lima MM Mark 3's. All are weathered, have broadly same shade of orange and have to be authentically numbered, window stickers etc. (Very sad l know!!) Like the Freight wagons from lRM from that '90/2000's era. Obsession (and that is the word) is the lrish Mark 3's and always looking for more Standards but ALWAYS searching for the elusive EGV, (proper) Restaurant & Citygold aswell- any help here is ALWAYS welcome! Very envious of the layouts here and the amazing talents people have!
  5. Brilliant, great shots there. Such a great era, we had everything!
  6. Rob

    Arthur's Quay

    Very impressive, attention to detail is amazing.
  7. Rob


    Irish, 1980 / 90's & Heuston Station sounds excellent to me- just what l like! Look forward to seeing it.
  8. Rob

    Ballyercall (New Irish Layout

    Looks absolutely fantastic. Which sound chip is this in the 156? Sounds excellent.
  9. Cheers Noel, will do. Thanks for that. I have alerts set up to try and track them down everywhere! Sound!
  10. I'd just like to get my hands on a 141 / 181 (lÈ- white stripe) loco!! đŸ˜„đŸ˜„đŸ˜„
  11. Rob

    'Kent Station' build

    It looks amazing!
  12. Rob


    Looks great! What track type / make have you laid? Second last pic (16:55) they look very good in that.
  13. Rob

    Vote for IRM!

    Did it! Fingers xed....
  14. Rob

    Tara Junction.

    Brilliant, looks fantastic as always!
  15. Hi. I'm extending / updating my OO Gauge layout- one area l have NO knowledge on is the very basic electrics around the 4 X colour light signals (from CR Signals) l want to install- manually operated to keep it simple. I have all the required wiring, switches, adaptors etc but am looking for the help & services of someone to actually hook it up. (I have tried numerous videos / sites for tips etc but not willing to risk the electrics, no matter how 'simple' l keep being told it is!!) I'm know it's a straightforward job for someone who knows the basics but rather than look for a standard electrician on line, would prefer to hopefully work with someone HERE given the specific nature of it being a model railway. I live in Dublin 8 & would be great to hear from someone to help at some stage over the next few weeks, presume just a few hours is all it would take for some one that knows, or else if anyone can recommend someone they know, l'd really appreciate it. Feel free to 'DM' reply if you can and really hope someone can help here....!!! Always envious of those layouts set up and looking so well myself!! Cheers!

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