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  1. Hi. As a complete electrics novice, l hope someone can help! I'm looking to set up from scratch, a set of 8 Colour Light Signals on my layout (4 × Three Aspect Colour Lights & 4 × Ground Position). All supplied by CR Signals- seem to closest resemble lrish Rail ones. I have a Hornby Select DCC but am happy to manually switch the lights as required at this point. Trouble is l am a complete novice on the electrics side & can't seem to actually identify what exactly l will need to start up. I guess: 4 Changeover SPDT switches for each of the Ground Position. 4 Three Position Rotary switches. (If so any suggestions, on each?) I read if l was working one signal, l would need a 5 - 12v DC supply- if l am running 8 signals, do l need 8 of these? Ideally is there one overall controller that could handle these 8 signals but if not, if l was running them individually, what is best? Hope l get some help here and bear in mind, l am a novice on the electrics so would love to know what l actually physically need to have! Thanks in advance. Rob. PS l did try to locate similar answers here before posting but couldn't find the specifics.

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