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    Irish Narrow Gauge

    With the IRM announcement recently I reckon we will all be hoarding our hard earned over the next 12 months so I have decided to offer my Narrow Gauge stuff as swaps rather than eating up your cash. PM me if there is anything of interest Looking for Irish only swaps please but might be tempted with any exotic bits hiding in the loft. Pics can be supplied if required Had a great idea some years back to build a narrow gauge layout but time and the fact that I can hardly stick Lego together never mind model kits has made me realise this layout is never going to happenDerry & Lough Swilly 4-8-0Donegal 2-6-4T, No 14 Railbus, covered wagons, cattle trucks & open wagons Clogher Valley 6 wheel coaches & Horse Box's Cavan & Leitrim 4-4-0T, Covered goods vans There are also some OO gauge kits by Terry McDermott, J15, J26 UTA 4-4-2 UTA S Class most of which require motors wheels & gears Original SSM 6 Wheel coaches, 1st class, 1st/2nd comp, 3rd & brake 3rd. Model Wagon Co. GNR(I) Cattle wagons, white metal (16) There are other kits by Perseverance, London Road Models, Impetus & Micro Rail that can be used as Irish models So look in your attics, garages etc and root out anything you have not used for the last 5 years and talk to me.

    3D printing + DIY CAD

    Hi KMCE, good to meet with you yesterday at the Bray Wheelers gig I could recommend a few spacers here if you need some?

    4 ages - RTR diesel loco evolution

    1977 was a pivotal year Noel, Lima changed their HO scale to OO Hornby had not manufactured any "Irish" models before the OO range was launched Lexie Tynan hooked up with Lima in 1977 when the Wrenn Brothers ceased their agency for Lima N Gauge and I reckon it was then that the HO Irish stuff was commissioned, just before they turned to OO gauge manufacturing So 77 would be the earliest for your polaroid, Hornby saw the Lima Irish bits some time later and launched their Hymek sets which lasted from mid 78 till 81 if I remember correctly


    Lá Breithe Shona duitse. Broithe, Go mBronntar Sonas is Séan ortsa Inniu is do na Blianta le Teacht

    Twinning stations.

    Ah Jasus Have I got to get a Hanforth sign now for me attic? Close up of Staff

    3D printing + DIY CAD

    Thought you were talking about Fran there Bosko?

    Wanted: NIR Hunslet kit

    I have one somewhere Nelson Doing some remodeling atm so give me a day or two and I will get back to you

    eBay Watch

    Australian? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lima-OO-CCT-BR-Blue-Livery/183207122878?hash=item2aa7fed7be:g:glQAAOSwhHJa6tTe

    502 bad gateway

    Just noticed the site is taking longer than usual to upload, particularly when I change from one thread to another Anyone else?

    IRM CIE 20ft Container

    I heard something about today being the last day of the Loco hauled weedspray, any more info?

    IRM CIE 20ft Container

    "Build it and they will come"

    DC Kits Class 201

    I can do one for you Where are you based? I am in Dublin

    Irish Narrow Gauge

    This is most of what I can find at the moment, there may be some more hiding about. Some locos have gears, motors & wheels, some are body only. Similar with wagons & coaches, some have wheels, some haven't . One or two have been reserved but I will let them go at this stage, been holding them for too long. PM for price if anything is of interest, have to work out the price later. I can send pics also. Cheers SSM GNR (I) 3rd 6 Wheel GSWR /CIE 1ST/2ND Comp + Lav, 2 X All 3RD GSWR / CIE Brake 3rd. All 3rd GSR Mainline Stock x 4 GSR Parcel Brake x 4 Micro Rail DNGR TDM GNR/UTA T2 4-4-2T GSWR/GSR J15 X 2 Perseverance Kit DSER 2-4-2 / GSR 427 X 2 London Road Models DNGR 0-6-0 Impetus Hunslet LPHC 0-6-0T Prototype RH Smyth in Downpatrick Impetus Manning Wardle 0-6-0T Various distilleries Impetus Bagnall 0-4-0ST Guinness Ambrico Narrow Gauge Co Donegal Railcar x 2 Branchlines Narrow Gauge Clogher Valley Horse Box x 2 Branchlines Narrow Gauge 1st / 3rd Comp/or All 3rd Coaches Model Wagon Co. 16 x GNR(I) Cattle Wagons Nine Lines Co Donegal Open Wagon, Standard Van Chivers Tralee & Dingle Horse Box x 2 Chivers Tralee & Dingle 2-6-0T

    North Down Model Show

    It was Northern Ireland man, we dont make mistakes down south

    North Down Model Show

    Just remember that the organisers have a life, a job and a family. They are amateurs, they do it for the love of the hobby. They make mistakes, Governments make mistakes, a couple of big breaths and get over it, there is always next year Sorry to hear about your experience miller but it happens all the time

    LIMA Murphy Models

    Mornin troops Couple of "Collector" pieces from the IRM stable Set B. Wagon 25195 should be a Bulk Cement. Another Set B, Irish Cement instead of CIE 25051. Set D, CIE Logo missing from one side of 25178

    LIMA Murphy Models

    I propose to post pictures of all the models produced by Murphy Models in sequence from their days with LIMA to the current models produced by Murphy Models Lima produced models of British outline stock These were then offered to Lima agent in Dublin, Lexie Tynan He then accepted or refused the sets and the accepted ones went on general release here Towards the end of the 90's Tynan retired from the trade and Murphy Models began a relationship with LIMA that saw them produce some of the first authentic Irish railway models This is their first attempt , set # L105100X33 released in 1997, possibly as few as 300 made. It was released in the Lima Hobby Range line. It was classed as a starter set, It consists of a Cl33 repainted as an A Class # 015 This model had been produced by LIMA for Tynan and was accepted as an Irish loco at the time, the Tynan model was numbered 215. Coaching stock consisted of a Mk 2D #5228 and a Mk 3 Restaurant # 7115 It also came with a traffo and track. 300 Sets believed to have been produced

    Irish Narrow Gauge

    Hi Colin Most of the narrow gauge stuff has gone, the Cattle Wagons and 6 wheelers are still here Will take a day or two to get at it again and I will give you a list of whats still available

    North Down Model Show

    Might be a pack or 2 of A + B and some ballasts on the Chris Dyer stand, first come .......
  20. Just on the Fleischmann gig one of the lads was running a 3 rail 2-8-0 by Fleischmann this evening Stunning model with extraordinary detail. I never knew they did 3 rail, thought Marklin had that market wrapped up? It's a sad day when you don't learn something new

    IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Unfortunately you have a like button Noel, but I cant bring myself to press it

    Bray Train & Model Fair

    Will have some nice Irish bits at the show Mk2A's, Lima original Mk3's, some 141/181's some DCC on board, any 2 Cravens for €65 Other bits and bobs. Part exchange in good to excellent condition accepted Luke warm tea and stale biscuits also available

    Look What We Found: Irish Cement Bubbles!

    I might have a pack Of Irish Cement at Bangor I will be with Chris Dyer who I think may have some ballasts

    LIMA Murphy Models

    I was looking in the vaults last night and I found these gems First is a Railway Modeller mag from 1980 featuring Adavoyle. There was some industrial action around the time this was to be published in May so the month does not appear on the cover. instead is is labelled as ""The Special Extra" Price 25p in pencil, UK price 20p It also has a "The Model Railway Shop" stamp on the cover, so a few unusual things about the cover. 8 pages of pics and info about the layout so loads there for anyone interested in this superb 21mm layout. I must say that this model of the GN Weedspray had me mesmerised for over half an hour when I first saw this layout some years ago, stunning. A cfew other bits that were also lurking in the vaults Looking for any info on the Sealink NIR logoed coaches, Lima did some back in the day but I never saw them with the NIR Logo on them

    DART roof details

    Kilbarrack has 2 footbridges which are accessible without a ticket

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