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  1. Access desktop layout on iPhone?

    Anybody know what these 2 are yapping about?
  2. February Railway Modeller N gauge track

    Might be worth your while going to the upcoming Talbot Hotel show, Stillorgan, A chap called Sean Ryan has a huge N Gauge stand and Chris Dyer may swap some Irish bits for your UK bits
  3. eBay Watch

    Had one of these in Mala Mala back in the day 65 MPH flat out
  4. eBay Watch

    Saw this today, 1:43 https://www.ebay.com/itm/122885047384?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&fromMakeTrack=true
  5. Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

    A kind of a millionaire joke: A husband and wife are watching "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire," and the husband winks and says, "Honey, let's go upstairs..." The wife says no, so the husband asks again. Again she says no. So the husband says, "Is that your final answer?" The wife says yes. The husband says, "Well, can I phone a friend?" Tweet Share
  6. bidding for NIR 071

    Its the old story Looked at the bidding history and its basically 2 guys locking horns over the loco One of them will pay well over what its worth If another one comes on the market it will probably make about £180 as the lower bidder on this one will not have to compete as hard as he has on this one and the highest bidder, other than these 2 millionaires' only went to £134 I would expect 1***M(646*) to win judging by the amount of bids he places in the last hour
  7. Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

    I was going to ask the mods to move this to the joke thread but then I read it
  8. Irish Railway Models Ballast Wagon

    There are a couple of sets in D5 if anyone is still looking? 1 x set 1 and 2 x set 2. Ordered but never picked up
  9. LIMA Murphy Models

    I propose to post pictures of all the models produced by Murphy Models in sequence from their days with LIMA to the current models produced by Murphy Models Lima produced models of British outline stock These were then offered to Lima agent in Dublin, Lexie Tynan He then accepted or refused the sets and the accepted ones went on general release here Towards the end of the 90's Tynan retired from the trade and Murphy Models began a relationship with LIMA that saw them produce some of the first authentic Irish railway models This is their first attempt , set # L105100X33 released in 1997, possibly as few as 300 made. It was released in the Lima Hobby Range line. It was classed as a starter set, It consists of a Cl33 repainted as an A Class # 015 This model had been produced by LIMA for Tynan and was accepted as an Irish loco at the time, the Tynan model was numbered 215. Coaching stock consisted of a Mk 2D #5228 and a Mk 3 Restaurant # 7115 It also came with a traffo and track. 300 Sets believed to have been produced
  10. Joke for today...

    Since I put up the pic there have been only 50 views whereas the Lima/MM thread has over 400 So I am right, no sense of humour hereabouts, with the exception of the few regulars
  11. LIMA Murphy Models

    Picked this up over the festive period Its the Lima 1979/1980 Catalogue The interesting thing about this catalogue is the Irish Collection of Lima Trains insert that accompanies the catalogue A 12 page supplement that has some weird and wonderful non existent sets pictured Not a bit of Irish stock to be seen Now it starts to get interesting, Set 10 3723 which there is a pic of on page 10 of the thread Set 10 4422 which there is a pic of on page 24 but without the box lid A set that never hit the shelves 10 4223 C.I.E. Transport with a Unigate Milk Tanker Set 10 7022 C.I.E. Supertrain set, pic on Page 23 of this thread Some N Gauge Set 12 1123, Pic on Page 15 of the thread Set 12 3122, C.I.E. Fowler Passenger set, I have never seen one but I imagine it does exist as I have picked up some loose coaches and locos over the years Rear page, Lexie Tynans Toys International address complete with 6 digit phone number
  12. Joke for today...

  13. Ahhh G!

    Both expensive. Got charged €19.50 for 3 pints of plain over the festive period and the barkeep did not even offer me my 50p change!
  14. NCC Harland & Wolff kit

    Is this a H&W Loco? Pic taken at the show in Belfast run by the Ulster Model Railway club
  15. LIMA Murphy Models

    The Orange bubbles
  16. LIMA Murphy Models

    Just sticking these here to keep all the RTR stuff on this thread Set A Set B Set C Set D
  17. Bells and ballast.

    Couple of odd containers on this Bell train
  18. Bray Train & Model Fair

    School Road off Boghall Road Bray for Directions http://www.braywheelers.com In the menu go to About and there is a location tab there
  19. Bells and ballast.

    Couple of non bell tankers and an odd one near the rear here
  20. Weathered 141/181

    Hi Just wondering if anyone has a weathered IE 141/181 that they would be willing to swap for a mint 146 Chap wants me to weather the 146, so I thought I would ask here first
  21. LIMA Murphy Models

    Sounds like a good price for the time I have some old records of prices achieved for N Class's at the time A Cherry Black mint in box one sold for £135 stg, not sure what the rate was at the time A Green one with Lt Ed cert etc mint sold for €305! Good ones in any livery are making €100 + with the Green still commanding €120 +
  22. Happy 2018 Everybody!

    Would have loved to see a Go raibh maith agat or a Tá fáilte romhat but I'll settle for a thanks
  23. Happy 2018 Everybody!

    Athbhliain faoi shean agus faoi shona duibh go leir.
  24. Happy Birthday Fran

    Keep me some cake dude
  25. Happy Birthday Fran

    21 + a bit of FAT man!!!

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