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    Chariot for sale Wheels have come off but otherwise OK Contact Eddie@outofajob.co.uk
  2. Kingsbridge - workbench

    I have a couple of stone I would like to melt away, reckon this might help?
  3. LIMA Murphy Models

    Good man Des The only yoke on the forum that I could recommend for the Detective Branch
  4. LIMA Murphy Models

    I propose to post pictures of all the models produced by Murphy Models in sequence from their days with LIMA to the current models produced by Murphy Models Lima produced models of British outline stock These were then offered to Lima agent in Dublin, Lexie Tynan He then accepted or refused the sets and the accepted ones went on general release here Towards the end of the 90's Tynan retired from the trade and Murphy Models began a relationship with LIMA that saw them produce some of the first authentic Irish railway models This is their first attempt , set # L105100X33 released in 1997, possibly as few as 300 made. It was released in the Lima Hobby Range line. It was classed as a starter set, It consists of a Cl33 repainted as an A Class # 015 This model had been produced by LIMA for Tynan and was accepted as an Irish loco at the time, the Tynan model was numbered 215. Coaching stock consisted of a Mk 2D #5228 and a Mk 3 Restaurant # 7115 It also came with a traffo and track. 300 Sets believed to have been produced
  5. LIMA Murphy Models

    Turns out the pics were from a 1980 Exhibition Guide for the MRSI 3 day show held in O'Connell CBS Hall off the NCR And finally, The Southern Model Railway Co.
  6. Luas Breakdown

    Paul, being wheelchair bound and dependant on your car puts a different slant on this argument, most of us have enough trouble navigating through the city while having all our faculties but the added pressure of your chair is something I could not imagine. How friendly the LUAS is I do not know but from my own experience the travellers on them seem only interested in themselves, mothers with prams and young children do not seem to get any handouts from them and I imagine people like yourself are in the same boat. In defence of the LUAS though the idea of it is fantastic, it will take some time to iron out the mistakes that have been made and hopefully then we may have a light rail system to be proud of?
  7. Irish Railway Models Ballast Wagon

    Dont think so George, I know there will be a good stock of them available at the Bangor show in April!!!
  8. Luas Breakdown

    I think I will stick with the DART......
  9. Kingsbridge - workbench

    When I did a bit of spraying, many moons ago I used to mask off the area to be sprayed but then spray the area where the tape and body met with the colour under the masking tape. This usually stopped the new colour leaching down onto the previously sprayed colour, So looking at your coach, I would have sprayed the lighter colour first. Masked it off for the black but then sprayed the joint at the tape with orange Make sense ?
  10. brushes and springs

    The real thing https://www.buffersmodelrailways.com/hornby-x8466-ringfield-motor-brush-spring-pack-of-2-each
  11. LIMA Murphy Models

    Some scans I found recently From what I recall they are from a MRSI 3 Day Show catalogue but not sure of the date And my favourite, I have never seen an ad for "Irish" Jouef. Waller-Borden Ltd, Boghall Road. Bray, anyone ever hear of them? Enjoy.
  12. Bray Train & Model Fair

    Will be AWOL unfortunately. Granny B has booked some R&R without consulting the callender.
  13. Clarion Airport Hotel

    This Sunday, remember shes your wife, not your mammy!!! Will be there but trying to offload some diecast, little or no railway stuff
  14. Clarion Airport Hotel

    Not a lot I am actually doing Die Cast cars for this show as I found railway stuff was not doing very well here There are 2 traders that usually have some railway stuff though but not a lot of Irish outline stuff
  15. Models demand

    PW GSWR here, number 24803 taken at Dun Laoghaire in 82
  16. Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    Can you afford to Fran?
  17. Port Cumtha - P4 21mm

  18. Models demand

  19. Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    Lads Did you say you were doing a Weedspray? Ballybrophy 1980 is written on the back A Class double heading,
  20. Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    Not quite hauling them but .......
  21. Kilgarvan mafia, perhaps?

  22. Metal Baseboard Frames

    Rubber Boots?
  23. Irish Narrow Gauge

    PM's sent, John & Eoin
  24. Irish Narrow Gauge

    With the IRM announcement recently I reckon we will all be hoarding our hard earned over the next 12 months so I have decided to offer my Narrow Gauge stuff as swaps rather than eating up your cash. PM me if there is anything of interest Looking for Irish only swaps please but might be tempted with any exotic bits hiding in the loft. Pics can be supplied if required Had a great idea some years back to build a narrow gauge layout but time and the fact that I can hardly stick Lego together never mind model kits has made me realise this layout is never going to happenDerry & Lough Swilly 4-8-0Donegal 2-6-4T, No 14 Railbus, covered wagons, cattle trucks & open wagons Clogher Valley 6 wheel coaches & Horse Box's Cavan & Leitrim 4-4-0T, Covered goods vans There are also some OO gauge kits by Terry McDermott, J15, J26 UTA 4-4-2 UTA S Class most of which require motors wheels & gears Original SSM 6 Wheel coaches, 1st class, 1st/2nd comp, 3rd & brake 3rd. Model Wagon Co. GNR(I) Cattle wagons, white metal (16) There are other kits by Perseverance, London Road Models, Impetus & Micro Rail that can be used as Irish models So look in your attics, garages etc and root out anything you have not used for the last 5 years and talk to me.
  25. Irish Narrow Gauge


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