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    Painting Code 75 Rail

    Prefer the middle finger myself Noel 👹

    Correct restoration of Railwayana (Lineside Signs)

    Have this one on my side gate

    Class 141 1E 171 Murphy models

    With all the money you are saving by not going to Enniskillen tomorrow you might be interested in a black body for your new 141 Can supply a complete pack to change the livery to "CIE BLACK"

    GNRi Brake Van

    Well, holy God

    Going to the Ploughing?

    Had a lucky escape myself

    Going to the Ploughing?

    Pick a window man Remember what happened last time I had a post fixed? ☠️

    Going to the Ploughing?

    Took me 10 minutes, and a couple of phone calls to find out what FYP meant Stick with Collins English please troops

    Erne Model Railway Club Exhibition, Enniskillen

    This Saturday folks Should be there with some bits for sale Will have all the Murphy 071 spares if anyone is interested I also picked up some 141/181's Brand new stock that was kept back for warranty work 177 & 183 both weathered models

    Murphy Model spares

    Should be able to sort you out Rob Drop me a PM and get your confirmation money out of the Post Office Plenty of spares in Murphy Towers Noel I am just bringing them to the great unwashed, and Bray!

    Murphy Model spares

    In the next couple of weeks I hope to have spare parts for MM 141's and 071's Still at the early stage where I am trying to sort prices and what will actually be available but hoping for all parts for 071's and a limited run of 141 parts. I know there are some bodies available for the 141's and hoping for some of the detailing packs that came with them but other than that not really sure whats available Is there a demand for spare parts? This type of package is available in small quantities for the 071/111's

    Help with NCC steam loco livery......

    Contact DZ @ Studio Scale Models http://www.studio-scale-models.com/ Might be able to sort you out

    Murphy Model spares

    Just home from Murphy Towers Some good and bad news Good news is all spare parts for the 071's are available, motors bogies some handrails, buffers, speakers etc Bodies for 7071, 7078, 111, 112 & 8113. I can supply an 085 new loco as a donor if required Sad news there are no detailing parts for the 141's, no handrails There are complete bodies but no Supertrain ones There are a few new locos available IR 183's and IE 177's , styrofoam inners only and no detailing packs Should have some prices by the weekend

    Lima Class 201 River Flesk

    A tad expensive methinks?

    Murphy Model spares

    Would there be any interest in having the newer 7071/8 bodies made? Handrails removed, new decals on front and side Will see if I can get a man to price it for me I am thinking of using a doner loco and transplanting the finished body Body only will hopefully be available also Pic cropped from the site, will remove it if needed.

    DCC Decoders for Ballast Plough Vans. Let us know!

    8 or 21 pin Fran?

    LIMA Murphy Models

    I propose to post pictures of all the models produced by Murphy Models in sequence from their days with LIMA to the current models produced by Murphy Models Lima produced models of British outline stock These were then offered to Lima agent in Dublin, Lexie Tynan He then accepted or refused the sets and the accepted ones went on general release here Towards the end of the 90's Tynan retired from the trade and Murphy Models began a relationship with LIMA that saw them produce some of the first authentic Irish railway models This is their first attempt , set # L105100X33 released in 1997, possibly as few as 300 made. It was released in the Lima Hobby Range line. It was classed as a starter set, It consists of a Cl33 repainted as an A Class # 015 This model had been produced by LIMA for Tynan and was accepted as an Irish loco at the time, the Tynan model was numbered 215. Coaching stock consisted of a Mk 2D #5228 and a Mk 3 Restaurant # 7115 It also came with a traffo and track. 300 Sets believed to have been produced

    LIMA Murphy Models

    The card tunnel is in with the instructions Steve It appears never to have been used. Nice info on the Hornby logos, it will help to date some bits

    back to the 90's

    Selling the wheelbarrow?

    LIMA Murphy Models

    I cant see anything happening till the 121 clears his desk Noel

    Chris Dyer - 22k dmu sets + Mk4 coaches

    He will be at the 3 day show in Raheny on the October Bank Holiday weekend

    LIMA Murphy Models

    Picked up this set at Stillorgan yesterday Seller had it from the time he was a breadsnatcher. It looks like it was never out of the box Interesting that the usual instructions that accompany these sets was still included It shows the set number, R384, and the date of manufacture, 16th May 1977. I was of the opinion that the Hornby sets, Slainte Express and this one were not manufactured till 1980 Also included is a 1977 Hornby catalogue which makes no reference to the CIE Set!

    Murphy Model spares

    OK men, leave it with me Have to see what I can salvage There is a lot of stuff to sort through and its not catalogued very well I will keep you posted when I have gone through it all Murrayec of this parish was making horns a while ago, maybe drop him a PM Hopefully there will be some detail packs available,

    LIMA Murphy Models

    One for the collection Fran, where would you get another one?

    LIMA Murphy Models

    7077! I think it was a pre production

    Dublin Toy & Train Sale

    Should have some of these at the show Trying to see if there would be any interest in them, brand new ex factory stock No price yet but hopefully will have by Sunday 7071 & 7078 bodies, cabs and footplates 111 112 & 8113

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