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  1. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Hi Railer, Sorry, we didn't receive that email. We can arrange that for you. Thanks!
  2. Old view

    All will be revealed in due course JB
  3. Old view

    Sure if we stuck by that mantra we’d still be going to work on an ass and cart. the forum has become hugely improved as you will find in the coming days. This wonderful free resource, run and funded by Stephen has just become significantly better!
  4. Hi everyone, We have just launched our first email newsletter; the Supertrain Times! Did you get it? We will be publishing it every quarter and it will outline all our latest news, updates and behind the scenes insights into how we research and produce our models. If you would like to receive our newsletter, you can sign up on the home page of our brand, spanking new website.
  5. Emails from Irish Railway Models

    Hi Everyone, Some of you may have received a number of emails/invoices from us today. We are currently updating our website and database and these were sent out in error. Please ignore them. Your orders have not changed and more importantly, you have not been charged for anything. Apologies for the inconvenience caused. If you have any further questions you can contact us at info@irishrailwaymodels.com The pain will be worth it though, as our new site is easier to use and looks a lot better. We hope you like it!
  6. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce that we can finally bring you an update regarding the Irish Railway Models Cement Bubble! As previously stated, production of this iconic wagon is now underway at our factory in China. Since we took over full control of producing the wagons ourselves, we had aimed to have these on your layouts and in your collections by the end of summer. However, the more we looked at the pre-production tooling sample, the more we were unhappy with the first rendition of the model. Changes we had requested with our previous agent were not implemented and as a result, there were a number of errors that we found unacceptable. It was our goal to make the definitive version of the most iconic wagon on Irish rails, so we took the tough decision to junk a lot of the tooling and retool a number of parts of the wagon. This was expensive, but we felt it was necessary, despite the expense. As a result, the hatch lid, the underframe detail below the tank and the tank itself have been retooled and corrected. The walkways and ladders are now etched nickel silver and as a result are not only much more sturdy, but finer too. Taking on feedback from customers and magazine reviews, we have also reduced the thickness of the W irons on the chassis to create a more prototypical appearance. Below are some pics of the results in our deco sample. We hope you like it and agree that the changes are worthwhile. The arrival of the bubbles will coincide with the October show, which will involve flying them in from China. We apologise for the delay, but we hope you understand the circumstances behind this decision. (Also, please excuse the quality of photography, I need to work on my lighting and other areas more! )
  7. The main Dublin show is just over a month away! The South Dublin Model Railway Club show at Blackrock College, Dublin, October 28th - 30th. Irish Railway Models will be there of course and we will have ballast wagons and bubbles for sale as well as info in the Tara's. It looks like we might even have a new product announcement thrown in for good measure too all going well! Make sure you drop by and say hi!
  8. Hi Everyone, Firstly, I would like to extend a massive thank you on behalf of the Irish Railway Models team to everyone who completed our recent survey. We have collated your answers and suggestions and are taking them on board. Some of these answers will be discussed in specific posts in the coming days and weeks. In the meantime, we have analysed your feedback about what you would like to see next from us, and here are some of the most popular suggestions: Leading the way (by a nose!) is a bogie container flat. Most were for the humble 42ft flat to recreate those classic Bell and Guinness liners as well as modern day spoil wagons, but there's also love for the 47ft flat as below too. Flat Wagon close up by franburke, on Flickr Spoil Wagon - Portarlington by franburke, on Flickr Right behind was the iconic double beet wagon. It appears many of you want to recreate scenes like below: 051 23-10-93 by Ian Leech, on Flickr (And yes, there was a lot of calls for an A Class too!) In third place was the Mark IIIs, with calls for an accurate Irish outline model of this iconic coach which we all miss. Irish Rail 7136 in Kent Station. by Fred Dean, on Flickr Neck and neck in 4th is the fertiliser and bagged cement wagons; both widely travelled and uniquely Irish. Also both sadly missed. Fert Albert Quay 1975 by tom ryan, on Flickr DSCF2917 by tom ryan, on Flickr There has also been a lot of calls for us to do the plough brake vans to compliment our ballast hoppers. We agree that they would look fantastic done to a highly detailed, ready to run model standard, book-ending a rake of our ballast wagons. Tempting... Speaking of our ballast wagons; our stocks are running quite low at this stage. Make sure you don't miss out before they're all gone as we wont be doing another run for quite a while. These running numbers wont be repeated. Secure the best Irish wagon model on the market before they run out and start going on EBay at a premium. https://irishrailwaymodels.com/shop/
  9. Happy Friday everyone! We're thinking of doing a series of 'how to' videos around railway modelling in the coming weeks and months. What would you like to see us tackle? DCC operation? Ballasting? Kit building? Weathering and painting? Let us know by commenting below!
  10. What would you like to see from us after the Tara Mines wagon? What do you think of what we've done so far? We're looking to constantly improve and learn from our customers. We would really appreciate if you could fill out this very short, confidential survey so we can give you what you want and how you buy your models. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9BWX3D5
  11. Irish Railway Models Ballast Wagon

    Hi Everyone, We received the following pics from our factory overnight; pics of our Ballast Wagons! Are you as excited as we are?? The finishing line is in sight. Remember; you can still order pack B and C direct from us at http://www.irishrailwaymodels.com but they're selling fast! Thanks to everyone who has placed an order with us and supported Irish Railway Models from the start. This would not be happening without you!
  12. 2600 car length?

    Hi everyone, does anyone know what the length of each car in a 2600 class railcar is? Cheers! Fran
  13. IRM announce Tara Wagon

    Irish Railway Models (IRM), today announces that it is to produce the distinctive ‘Tara Mines’ bogie ore wagon in 4mm (OO) scale. The Tara Mines wagon were built by CIÉ in 1977 for Tara Mines Ltd to convey zinc and lead ore from their mine near Navan, Co. Meath to Dublin Port for export. They are still in operation today and currently represent the heaviest freight trains operated on a daily basis in Ireland. Three laden trains operate in a block formation between the mine and Dublin Port each day. The Irish Railway Models 4mm scale rendition of the wagon will look to emulate the high standards set by their Ballast and Cement 'Bubble' wagon projects. The prototype has been surveyed and CAD work has been completed. The wagon will feature accurately rendered body, separately applied detail such as brake gear, close coupling mechanism and will also be designed with easy conversion to 21mm gauge in mind. Due to the corrosive nature of the ore, the distinctive lids on the wagons have been upgraded and replaced three times since their introduction in 1977. In order to cover the complete operational timeframe of the wagons, Irish Railway Models will be tooling the three lid variants to ensure accuracy across all livery variants. It is planned to offer the wagons in their current guise of bauxite livery in the first run of models. Like the Ballast and Cement Bubble projects, there will be multiple wagon packs offered with unique running numbers to allow the modeller to create a prototypical rake. Future releases will include the wagons in earlier guises, including their distinctive original blue livery. Prices and a delivery date are yet to be announced but are due for confirmation shortly. Pre-ordering will be available via irishrailwaymodels.com and selected retailers.
  14. IRM Bubble goes on sale

    Hi Everyone, As Patrick stated earlier, we have some very exciting news ahead of this weekend's show. Not only will our enterprise be unveiling our third project, but we should also be able to show you all the first pre-production sample of our highly anticipated Cement Bubble wagon. Not only that, but when Saturday comes you will be able to pre-order the cement bubble and we will be doing a fairly unbeatable offer for buyers of multiple packs for this weekend only! The bubbles will be sold in four packs, with three uniquely numbered wagons per pack to give the modeller the chance to build up an authentic 12 wagon rake. They will be in pristine condition as are the wishes of the majority in our recent poll. (We cant wait to see what the skilled weather artists do to them with their airbrush!) Packs will be €125 each and ordering will be the same deposit system as per the ballast wagons. However, from 11:30am on Saturday until midnight on Bank Holiday Monday, if you order the 4 packs you will get them for the one time price of €400, representing a saving of €100! This offer will be available at the show and online. Packs are a limited run so order early to save and guarantee yours! So join us this weekend to see pre-production Ballasts, Bubbles and find out what project 3 is! We look forward to seeing you. IRM team (Stephen, Richie, Patrick and Fran) http://www.irishrailwaymodels.com
  15. Hi everyone, Progress on the IRM Cement Bubbles has been swift and we are now looking at the decoration stage of the model. We will be doing four packs of three separate running numbers in the final ivory livery they carried. However, the IRM team has been kicking around the idea of treating them to factory weathered finish since they spent more time in an atrocious weathered condition than pristine. (Image copyright SSM. Thanks for permission to use the image Des) Working on this project with DJ models allows us to avail of the Mercig inspired factory weathered finish. While most factory weathering is poor at best, the Mercig renditions are seen as the industry leading. You can see Mercig's custom work here and his masters turned into a factory finish on OO gauge models like the forthcoming DJ Class 71 here You can do the survey by clicking on this link There is also some bonus questions on future liveries and products. Poll closes on Monday, October 3rd at 11pm. Ordering details for the bubbles will be revealed at the Raheny show. Thanks for the feedback and feel free to discuss why you voted the way you did on here!

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