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  1. Phil3150

    Tri Ang catalogue

    No luck I'm afraid. The catalogue is there but the leaflet has gone walkabout. Sorry.
  2. Phil3150

    Small production run of MGWR 6 wheel thirds

    Definitely up for one! Phil
  3. Phil3150

    Tri Ang catalogue

    I believe I may have one. I will check in the loft when the temperature there has dropped below melting point. Phil
  4. Phil3150

    00 scale corrugated iron sheeting

    This is an (almost finished) Cavan & Leitrim platform shelter/store using Slater's sheet. I have also used Ambis corrugated sheet.
  5. Phil3150

    1950s buses

    I have an unmade Jim Poots kit for a P class that I bought to operate the Cavan to Sligo service when I was planning to model Arigna station on the C&L. As I am now building Mohill, which was bus-less in the 1950's, I am sure a transfer to Dugort Harbour could be negotiated.
  6. Phil3150

    CIE Model N Bus body

    I'd be interested in that information too please
  7. Phil3150

    CIE Model N Bus body

    Colin, the N class were GSR buses built in 1939 and withdrawn from CIE service in the early 1950's. There is a picture of NP68 on the Classic Irish Buses website in the GSR section. Phil
  8. Phil3150

    Irish Railway News 1957-60

    Thank you very much, that solves another problem for me, and by return too!!
  9. Phil3150

    Irish Railway News 1957-60

    jhb, back in the first post in this thread you included the following: " The C & L had ended up with one attractively painted coach in particular - a former T & D third was turned out in light green and looked very well." Presumably this was the later "standard" light green? Would it be fair to assume that the ex-T&D bogie van, 22L, that arrived at the same time would also have been painted in this shade? Also on page 38 of Anthony Burges' Smoke Amidst the Drumlins there is a photo of van no. 14 dated September 1957 which appears repainted in a lighter shade - another candidate? Thank you if you, or anyone else, can help, Phil
  10. Phil3150

    CIE corporate colours over the years

    Photos of Mohill in the fifties show a simple "MOHILL" board with a white frame attached to the front of the station building. Any idea of the timescale for the bilingual sign or was there another board elsewhere on the station? Cheers Phil
  11. Phil3150

    Mohill Station Buildings

    Hi all, Does anyone out there have any dimensions of the surviving C&L buildings at Mohill, the station itself, the shelter and the goods store? I would be most grateful for any information. Cheers Phil
  12. Is there any consensus on whether 6T was black on delivery to the C&L? I'm hoping to run one relatively clean engine on my layout but I would like to get the colour right! One further question and I'm sure the answer is on the forum somewhere but I can't find it - what available paint colours come closest to CIE engine grey? Cheers Phil
  13. Phil3150

    Backwoods C&L 4-wheel passenger brake van.

    I'm after brass ones not the gold version!!
  14. Does any member have one (or two) of these surplus to requirements please? I am after a couple - unbuilt, part-built or finished. I will be eternally grateful to anyone who can help!!

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