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  1. Galgorm Hall

    Great job, love the detail.
  2. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Very well done Noel.
  3. Popeye's Workbench

    Excellent scratch build, love it.
  4. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Nice parcel in the post today, that was fast, thanks lads. Took them for a quick spin around the layout with no problems to report.
  5. New Look

    I should have them somewhere, although probably in different places. The alternative is for me to download them 1 by 1 from photobucket. Not sure where each image goes though.
  6. New Look

    Just been reading about it there after a quick Google check...hadn't realized...little feckers!! that's them off my Christmas list.
  7. New Look

    The images from my workbench and 'Kent Station' layout are still missing. They were originally linked from photobucket.
  8. Looks like rail freight could be returning to Cork with the redevelopment of Marino Point. http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/quay-developments-set-to-transform-cork-city-and-harbour-412831.html
  9. Street lighting

    I'm trying to get an idea of what's the best lighting to use to light the inside of my engine shed and for doing some street lighting as well (LED or bulb what size and voltage). Also can anyone recommend a good place to order them from. I've been looking at DCC supplies but they seem kind of expensive.
  10. Having missed the passing of the weed train through carrigtwohill for the last 4 years, I stumbled across it unexpectedly today while out walking the dog. I only had my mobile with me so I rushed back and caught its return journey at the station.
  11. What ballast?

    Whats the best ballast to simulate Irish oo scale??
  12. point motors

    Any advise on what point motors should I buy for my layout. I'm trying to keep the price down as much as possible and to be honest I haven't a clue when it comes to this stuff. I was looking at the Peco motors vs the Tortoise ones and was wondering which would work out cheaper in the long run. Also apart from the point motor what all else is required for both Peco and Tortoise in terms of (twin micro switches, mounting plates, toggle switches) all of which I'm getting bogged down in. The layout is dcc and I'm using Peco electrofrog code 75 in which I'll require about 30 motors. Thanks Sean.
  13. 'Kent Station' build

    Well I finally sorted out my attic space and got a start on my new layout. Its taken a bit longer than I thought, a new fold out stairs put in, the water tank moved to the back of the attic, proper insulation put in and foil reflectors, floored the space and have fixed the layout base boards between the trusses, so now we're ready to rock and roll. After playing around with the free version of anyrail, I decided to buy the software. Its a great little package for designing layouts and its easy to get up to speed with it fairly quickly. My layout is based loosely on Cork station taken up an era somewhere between '75 to '95 which should give me plenty of leeway to run plenty of stock. As space was a major issue I have designed the layout as a loop incorporating all the major parts of the station, goods yard and approach's. I've bought half the track I need (Peco code 75) to allow me to start building the goods yard side of the loop. Its going to be DCC which poses a huge learning curb for me as its my first layout build since I was but a wee lad so expect plenty of questions for the experts out there particularly on track laying.
  14. Does anybody know what's the schedule for the weed sprayer, in particular I was wondering when it would be down Cork way??
  15. Progress! Nearly off the work bench.

    I've only just discovered this whole section of the site, and wow!! fantastic work.

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