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  1. Kilgarvan mafia, perhaps?

    How would the public know when the trains were running without the circular?
  2. Usual media weather hysteria

    It seems Met Eireann now believes that every approaching front in the period between November and February warrants an orange warning for snow regardless of the actual chances of it occurring. The current warning relates to an occluded front approaching from the south-west, a combination which must have similar odds of producing snow as one has of winning the lotto. Mark
  3. Wagon Chassis Colours and ?

    Tks for that. I'd always assumed that brown meant fitted here as well. I should have known they wouldn't have been that organised!
  4. Wagon Chassis Colours and ?

    Re the colour change on vans from grey to red/brown, was this done purely for paint supply reasons or did the red/brown colour indicate a fitted vehicle or anything? Mark

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