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  1. ei6jf

    Limerick Junction changes

    JHB you must be losing your marbles if you think they would do anything to saveguard the future of the WLWR. The drawings associated with the planning application show one face only on the down main. Mark
  2. ei6jf

    Kilgarvan mafia, perhaps?

    How would the public know when the trains were running without the circular?
  3. ei6jf

    Usual media weather hysteria

    It seems Met Eireann now believes that every approaching front in the period between November and February warrants an orange warning for snow regardless of the actual chances of it occurring. The current warning relates to an occluded front approaching from the south-west, a combination which must have similar odds of producing snow as one has of winning the lotto. Mark
  4. ei6jf

    Wagon Chassis Colours and ?

    Tks for that. I'd always assumed that brown meant fitted here as well. I should have known they wouldn't have been that organised!
  5. ei6jf

    Wagon Chassis Colours and ?

    Re the colour change on vans from grey to red/brown, was this done purely for paint supply reasons or did the red/brown colour indicate a fitted vehicle or anything? Mark
  6. ei6jf

    Beet wagons, what colour were they?

    Second attempt:
  7. ei6jf

    Beet wagons, what colour were they?

    Bit off a tardy response given the thread was opened 3 years ago but below is a photo of the prototype (i.e. the first) double-height beet wagon taken in Thurles exchange sidings on 5/3/85. As you can see, red oxide was the order of the day. Mark [ATTACH=CONFIG]19166[/ATTACH]
  8. ei6jf

    Another Networking Event.

    On a more serious note, the railway did understand the importance of business passengers up until the late 1990s or so. I'm not just talking about fare revenue but the kudos and influence that such people bring and the way they can advocate for the railway. Then from around the turn of the century, the railway, by then under a new administration, seemed to make a conscious decision that it could do without their custom and essentially walked away from the business. The problem now is likely to be that the corporate knowledge in dealing with such passengers has most likely been lost and will need to be relearnt.
  9. ei6jf

    J M Design overlays for Dapol coaches

    Yes, I'd be keen to try the etched sides as well. Mark
  10. ei6jf

    J M Design overlays for Dapol coaches

    Count me in for 1 x standard and 1 x brake standard. Mark
  11. As long as the livery is not silver or grey or a variation thereof I'll be happy. Given that Belmond is a company which understands aesthetics and the importance of image, I'm sure I have nothing to fear.
  12. ei6jf

    Station Signage

    And what's with the inverted commas?
  13. ei6jf

    Emerald isle express

    Not sure where the impression that it's running empty a couple of times from. It's a single ecs movement from Wexford to Waterford. As regards opening this move to enthusiasts, 1) it's unlikely approval would be granted given that it's a move over an engineers siding and 2) if I were the operator I don't I'd be opening up carriages, that I'd invested considerable time and money in bringing to a higher standard than normal, to the general public.
  14. Some fantastic stuff. Great set of shots of the interior of Albert Quay cabin. Captions (by National Library staff) are more than a little off the wall in many cases though. Mark
  15. ei6jf

    SULZER 101 Build

    Thanks Weshty. Any photos I have were taken on the sound barrier line at Inchicore and the dirt is inches deep. Mark

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