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  1. Happy Christmas to all IRM.comers

    There's a first for everything JB 😀
  2. Happy Christmas to all IRM.comers

    Happy Christmas to all and a prosperous New Year.
  3. Karl's Workbench

    Hi all thanks very much for the comments. I cant wait to get it finished and see the look on his face. He loves our trips to the station, although he does have a preference for freight especially flats with tanktainers. Eoin, the 121 is a resin kit but i'm sure your methods can be adopted to help improve the model thanks.
  4. Karl's Workbench

    The ICR project ran into a few difficulties. I sprayed it all grey primer first, then silver then when I did the green it ran under the masking tape at a door handle and lifted both the grey & silver coats. it was christmas eve so i had no time to fix it so it was shelved. In the past month I've taken it out again and touched it up with a brush. I used a brush to do the black, yellow an gloss coat. next up is the transfers.
  5. Ashburton Grove.

    Nicely weathered Noel.
  6. Popeye's Workbench

    This is top class modelling well done 👍
  7. Kingsbridge - paint shop

    Well done on the weathering, they look great.
  8. Behind the scenes at IRM

    Best of luck.
  9. Glenderg's Projects

    Stunning workmanship Richie. Well done 👍🏻
  10. Ballykeen Road

    Lads starting my first layout and I'm after a bit of advise. The board is 2400mm x 400mm. The scene is fictions and set somewhere in the west of Ireland. I have a single mainline running through the board with a line into the fueling area (paint tins) and a water tower (white box). There is a double line into a maintenance shed ( black box). There is also a line to the right of the mainline as a fuel discharge point and maybe Shell/Esso oil depot. Bearing in mind that it's Irish and I want it as realistic as possible your comments & advise on the layout are welcome. Slagging is optional... Karl PS i will be changing the points to Peko to match the flexitrack 100
  11. Karl's Workbench

    Hi all, I have been dipping in and out of this site for a couple of years now so its time I made a start on a few projects. I'm hoping this workbench will help keep me going. I got a Silverfox MK3 Driving Trailer kit for Christmas and I have to complete it or it will be the last time I get something like that again and back to the socks & jocks for presents. Had an airbrush tutorial from Glenderg a couple of months back. Thanks for your time Richie it was an immense help and hope I can produce some realistic looking models & scenes on the back of it. I also have an MIR 121 resin kit and a couple of BR MK3 coaches so the plan is to do them all together. The detail on the 121 is very light or gone altogether, anyone any tips on what to use to mark out the detail again? Also the BR MK3 coaches are a bit rough and have a few scratches and gouges on the body of the coach. Any tips on a filler to use to repair these marks? I’m sure I’ll have a lot more questions as I progress Thanks for the help Karl
  12. Ballykeen Loop

    Hi all, I have been a member for a while and have been meaning to get going with a layout, but with 1 thing and another I never got around to it. So for the Christmas period there is a "toy train exhibition" in Roscommon town in aid of the Jack & Jill foundation and I was asked to enter something, so I said I would. But the opening date was yesterday, the day Santa turns on the lights in the town and by Friday night I had nothing done. So Saturday morning I got up and started to get the boards ready. I cut a 2m x 1.2m sheet of MDF in half and fixed some 50mm metal stud to the underside for support. The board is in 2 parts to allow me to get it in and out of the attic and also for transporting by car. I then began to lay the track which was a double loop due to time constraints. I placed some foam under the tracks to dampen the sound, the foam was about 2mm and left over from the time we layed timber floors in the house. I also used a roll of ballast sheet under the track for effect. At this point I moved from the attic down to the dining room table because there was more space & light and I had no trestles for the boards in the attic so I was working on the floor. For the scenery I had some 50mm insulation which when cut rough and painted grey gave a face like a rock formation. the grass is static grass mat roll and the bridges were built with MDF. I made the petrol station diorama a few years back and it was sitting in the attic, so it made for a good center piece. The layout is by no means finished but considering the day & 1/2 I had left myself to do it I was happy with the result. I have also taken a video but the quality is not great, I will post a better one soon. The exhibition is more of a toy train show aimed at the kids and not a model show so there is lots of Thomas stuff. The kids from the Jack & Jill get an afternoon in there and really enjoy it. Sean Brown has entered loads of great static Irish & English models along with some Irish railways memorabilia. There is an O gauge Woolwich, a lovely looking model that I had never seen before. so if any of you are in the Roscommon town area the display is in the Harrison center and your support would be appreciated, its for a good charity.
  13. New Recruit!!

    Hi lads! I have recently gotten the bug for railway modelling and I am keen to get started on a layout. I have always had an interest but never a layout or even as much as a Hornby train set. The main problem I have is space! I have a room that I could build a shelf layout 9’ x 1.5’ or at a push I could add 3’/4’ to one side to give an “L” shaped layout. My other option is to convert the attic and build a room 15’ x 15’ which would take time and money. I would first have to install a folding attic stairs, floor it, build the walls and insulate before I tackle the layout. My attic is insulated fairly well thanks to an aul grant from the gov, so I’m not sure should I lift this from under the proposed floor and reinstate it in the cavity of the proposed walls? I am worried about the dampness and cold getting at the layout and the rolling stock up in the attic as the insulation has stopped the heat from getting up there. So if any of you have any advise on this I would appreciate it. As my wife and I are expecting my funds will be limited for these works and I would expect it to take to the end of the summer before I would have the floor and walls done. My wife wants me to build a shed in the back garden this summer so between 1 thing and another I should be fairly busy. The only modelling(as such) I have attempted is what you see in the photo below so I am thinking maybe the shelf layout for now and branch out into the attic at a later stage. I have a small amount of Irish locos and coaches with a few other bits of British railways and even a Belgian loco (ye know how it is when you go to another country and see a model shop, ye have to buy!) I have built a couple of Metcalfe and Alphagraphics Card kits and I enjoyed that and would like to get into scratch building. I have looked through some threads and it has opened my mind to what can be done with a computer and printer and a bit of ingenuity. I have not been through all threads as I’ve only joined up but some of the works Glenderg & Scahalane have built from scratch have been truly inspiring. I am thinking I should probably go for a DCC layout but as I have no experience and the locos I have are all DC so I’m not sure. I have 2nr Lima 201 DC locos and I’m not sure is it better to flog them for a MM201 or is it better to convert these to DCC? Think if I was to buy a MM loco it would have to be an 071 and with that I would have to invest in some freight stock. This is where I am currently at and I would appreciate any nuggets of knowledge & advice you have to share. I read also on here that the abuse is free!! Guess I’ll have to take the good with the bad:)

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