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  1. Karl's Workbench

    Nice one Karl, must say it looks the job. the young fellah will love it and you've had the pleasure of building it yourself. Doesn't get any sweeter than that.
  2. Jadotville Medal Presentation Ceremony 2017

    The Cruiser does NOT come out well. Hardly a surprise though.
  3. Good man Wrenner, I see you have a new Avatar sorted out.
  4. They look great, and will no doubt be outstanding with a judicious touch of Richie's filthy stick.
  5. Kingsbridge - DCC / Electronics

    SSM have whitemetal taillamps, old and new style that can be installed with 0.8mm LEDs and 1.8k ohm resistors (included in the pack). A 2.2 µF capacitor in parallel with the Led will reduce flickering.
  6. Accurascale

    Why is there a great big wine rack at the front of that loco??
  7. Nash's Red Lemonade Nash's Red Lemonade would be a local product and very popular. It was made in Newcastlewest and still produces Ballygowan and TK. The tobacco was varied, here's a great link. MickMcQuaid stands out for me though (hack, hack, cough, wheeze....) http://christianpipesmokers.net/viewtopic.php?t=41002
  8. Jadotville Medal Presentation Ceremony 2017

    An astonishing story. Well deserved and at long last.
  9. Murder on the Orient Express

  10. Murder on the Orient Express

    Branagh decided to film with the last four 65mm cameras in the world. That's a sobering thought. Digital really has taken over. Computer Generated Imagery- done badly, it looks worse than a cartoon. Done well and it's jaw dropping. https://screenrant.com/worst-cgi-fails-big-budget-movies/
  11. Behind the scenes at IRM

    Oi! Don't you know Ben's Boutique has gone very upmarket this last while. I'm sure Margaret's Paul Costelloe line will see you right .
  12. enniscorthymans workbench

    Those Dart castings look very well on it Eamonn. They beef it up nicely.
  13. Gents All in whitemetal. My k15 kits are supplied with gnr bogies
  14. Yes indeed, the irish "Commonwealth" is a much different creature than the UK version. I will be releasing this in the new year in a comprehensive mould set for a Laminate / Park Royal / 50's Bredin. Bogies Battery Box Buffers Gangway etc.

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