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  1. Weshty

    CIE Standard coach (laminate stock)

    Good lord, is it three years?? If there is a demand for them, I'll get the moulds made in the next few weeks. Let me know folks.
  2. Weshty


    The Sid Meade of Bladerunner? That's interesting
  3. Weshty

    Popeye's Workbench

    You've really done it justice with the paint job. Between the white cover for the coupling hook, blue springs and green holder, it really adds to it.
  4. Weshty

    Mixing Paint Colours - online tool

    those deteriorating cones and rods will get you every time eh?
  5. Weshty

    8100 Class Model DART

    Saw this last night, thought about screen grabbing and posting, but figured there's be somebody in there before me. I was right! It looked absolutely superb. There was one shot of two of them coming in and out of a tunnel and you'd definitely be thinking"small or far away?" Not impressed with RTE dragging out Colm Mc Carthy's world weary sardonic schtick TBH. Subjective reporting at its most amateur.
  6. Weshty

    P & T vans 1950-60 era

    I have the golden transfers for old school p&t and the orange and black 70s era available. Also includes van logo decals.
  7. Weshty

    Cork in a Stunting Layout

    Ballast shoulders. So there is a name for the shape of the ballast on a mainline. Nice one.
  8. Weshty

    Luas Breakdown

    +1 Wrenn. Probably the only show to listen to on Today FM. The rest is just variants of reheated Ant'n'Dec.
  9. Weshty

    Luas Breakdown

    I remember that melt Myers in an Irishman's Diary pontificating about how the Dart was costing £2.20 for every £1 collected in fares, and so should be shut down. It gave me a great understanding of his complete lack of understanding. The head of the project was on Matt Cooper last week and covered off the project very well and didn't lose her cool as Matt did his manufactured "common man on the street" questions. It was a very poor interview from his persective, negative, snarky and patronising. A far cry from the gushing bonhomie he normally indulges in with his fav. contributors.
  10. Weshty

    LIMA Murphy Models

    Jays lads, did none of you spot this little gem hidden in the cleaning instructions Wrenn posted above? Fr. Ted territory.
  11. Weshty

    J15 186

    Thanks lads, sounds like 186s steaming days are done by the sounds of it.
  12. Weshty

    Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    Some work lads, well done. VERY well done.
  13. Weshty

    J15 186

    Is 186 out of commission for good now? I was just reading the RPSI website and see that it classed as a museum piece.
  14. Weshty

    Please vote for IRM!!

    Well done lads, hard work well rewarded.

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