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  1. Piko HO diesels

    Just ordered this for €86 which includes postage. https://www.modellbahnshop-lippe.com/produkt/PIKO/15-4-004001-184331-0-0-0-6-10-2-0-gatt-gb-p-0/ein_produkt.html
  2. Here are some very nice Piko HO scale locos. Some are really well priced. I'll be getting some of these myself. Here's one I fancy,https://www.modellbahnshop-lippe.com/produkt/PIKO/15-4-004001-256014-0-0-0-6-10-2-0-gatt-gb-p-0/ein_produkt.html. Just thought I'd post this incase someone fancies something different. https://www.modellbahnshop-lippe.com/gattungliste/0/15-4-004001-0-0-0-2-0-0-0-0-gatt-gb-p-0/gattungliste.html
  3. Irish firm selling locos

    Never knew this was an Irish registered company. http://www.railwaygazette.com/news/business/single-view/view/mrce-sells-diesel-locomotives.html
  4. Loco assembly line...

    Wonder if the Murphy Models assembly operation looks anything like this????
  5. Came across this. It is from Iran. http://www.andrewgrantham.co.uk/images/rail/iq-dem2410.jpg This is the only details I found on it. J26CW/AC EMD 16-645E engine 2200hp diesel-electric 1981. Only work on western lines, owing to weight. All are out of service (Feb 2004). .
  6. Group purchase?

    Thinking that €5 a member ought to do it..... http://www.sterlingrail.com/classifieds/classified.php?id=16401 Each contributor gets to keep it for a weekend.
  7. Nice idea....

  8. These are HO but I think they would look very well stacked in a terminal. Might even be o.k. to replace Hornby containers on the Railroad container wagon.http://www.hobbylinc.com/htm/wra/wra8104.htm.
  9. Locos for sale

    Some locos for sale here, not Hattons or Ebay. Sadly I don't have the space or the finances at the moment. http://www.sterlingrail.com/classifieds/Listings.php?type=Locomotive&fsw=FS
  10. There is some discussion here about CIE replacing the Crossley diesels with the GMs. Stick with it, I found it very interesting. The initial post, though regarding GE is answered and then the fun starts. Nothing new but some good technical talk! http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=161921
  11. I'll be in Mullingar this summer can anyone suggest places to go to view freight activity? Is the permanent way yard in Portlaoise worth a visit? Is it worthwhile making the trip to Kildare station? As an aside the disused platforms and lines at Mullingar station would make an ideal stabling point for the proposed luxury touring train. It would be nice if they put that disused line back in service for freight and the touring train.
  12. These were taken at Coolnagun Co. Westmeath. The first two are newly relaid track. This looks like a mobile canteen Loco with side jacks. This is an odd looking wagon. It has a Massey Ferguson engine and chassis bolted to it and a trailer body on the same frame. Level crossing
  13. I will be in Galway city in July. I'd like to see and photograph freight action. Would I get some decent freight flows at Claremorris or would I need to go up to Ballina?
  14. Rolling stock for sale

    Rolling stock for sale. Note would suit large layout. http://www.hgpauction.com/auctions/54351/comsa-rail-gmf/
  15. Flying snail coaches

    I was just checking the data base and there is no mention of the green Lima "flying snail" CIE coaches produced in the early-mid 1980's. I've three running behind one of Paddy's black and tan 141's. I bought them when they came out and they stayed boxed until the 141 arrived to haul them.The coaches cost £4.99 each full price.

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