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  1. Does anybody in Dublin stock the Back Track magazine?

    If there is one for sale, would you like me to get you one ?
  2. Does anybody in Dublin stock the Back Track magazine?

    No , it is not available in Dublin since the late 80’s . Eason’s in Belfast & Bangor do sell it . Eason’s in Cork may sell it as they deal with a different wholesaler . Is the February edition with the David Pearson article that you are looking for ? If you are going to the Glasgow show , you should be able to get a copy there .
  3. Model Village in Wicklow

    The Railway was LGB track with converted loco’s/rolling stock to look like Irish outline . There was a model of the Grand Canal 12th lock and the lock keeper House there as well.
  4. Turntable or not?

    The MRSI 21mm Loughrea's turntable is a modified Hejan unit . The SDMRC 21mm Belturbets's broad & narrow gauge turntables are well type and are scratched built . South Eastern Finecast used to make a well turntable but I believe London Road Models now sell the well turntable in 42' and 50' . They also sell an etched brass kit of the Cowan Sheldon turntable as well .
  5. Failed loco

    Hi , try the lads in the Midlands Club in Abbeyleix . Is the other loco running okay?
  6. Workshop

    Test http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/images/smilies/redface.png

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