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    i am the unwilling, lead by the unknowing, doing the impossible for the ungreatful. i have been doing so much, with so little, for so long - i am qualified to do anything with nothing!!


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    anything to do with Irish railways, aircraft and shipping


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  1. heirflick

    R.I.P. Sgt Major!

    Sorry to learn of the death of one of the best Sgt Majors ever to hit the screen!😪 Good night Windsor!
  2. heirflick

    New Aer Lingus Livery

    Well Boyos, I think it is a welcome change and good luck to it! There is another consideration here other than the interchangeability factor - - white paint weighs lighter than coloured therefore it saves money on fuel bills over thousands of air miles, also white does not heat up as much , if memory serves (and today its fine!) the Pepsi Concorde was painted blue and could only fly at mach 2 for about 20 minutes before the air frame began to overheat.
  3. heirflick

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    Orgasmic thought here lads!!
  4. heirflick

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    Great news for me.....bad news for the bank balance
  5. heirflick


    Above is the 'Mutts Nuts'!!! Brilliant pic - I'd say there is some mighty conversation going on there! many thanks for the pics railer
  6. heirflick


    here's the only pics I could find on line - anybody out there got any more please?
  7. heirflick


    Lads....has there ever been a time where the Taras were in a grey livery, or possibly grey with dirt? I can remember a pic of an almost grey rake pulled with an IR logoed A class. Any thoughts?
  8. Tesco installed a medical machine that for £5 and a urine sample, would diagnose any condition. When my mate went with a sore elbow, the computer printout read "You have tennis elbow. Soak it in warm water and avoid heavy work for 2 weeks" Impressed,my mate wondered if he could fool the machine. He mixed tapwater with dog poo, urine samples from his wife and daughter, and then pleasured himself into the mixture. When he tipped it into the machine the next day, the printout read: 1. Ur tapwater is too hard. Use softener. 2.Ur dog has ringworm. Giv it antibiotics. 3.Ur daughter is on cocaine. Get her to rehab. 4.Ur wife is Xpecting twins. Not urs. Get a lawyer. 5.If u keep playing with yourself, ur fuckin elbow wont get better! Thank u for shopping at Tesco!
  9. heirflick

    Photographic Website Updates

    Interesting to see one original Baytes ore wagon in that rake of spoils! Excellent capture Gordon
  10. heirflick

    How the call of nature can go wrong......

    Shitty way for the poor buggers to go - Das Boot wouldn't be my cup of tea!
  11. heirflick

    Vote for IRM!

    Done and dusted - good luck lads!
  12. heirflick

    Fancy driving larger scale trains..?

    Hmmm....'must be over the age of 20' Broithe - we just about qualify so!
  13. heirflick

    A NICE TOUCH........

    In keeping with the 'Nice Touch' theme, I just got an invoice from the Towers informing me that my A class fleet were paid for in full! The idea to pay off a few quid at a time is the absolute 'Dogs'! Again, fair play to the mothly crew at IRM for allowing us to avail of this excellent scheme - one of which I will avail of again and again!

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